Here is 1 Second of Every Single “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Episode

If you had the crazy thought that It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia couldn’t get any nuttier then maybe you should watch this clip of 1-second takes from each episode of the show. There might be a reason why I don’t watch this show and it could be because of, well, most of the stuff I’ve seen to this point. It might seem a little hypocritical after watching shows like Shameless and several others but something about this show appeals to people that never really appealed to me. I happen to like Charlie Day and Danny DeVito but I’ll admit that I never got into this show for reasons unknown. A lot of people like it however so there’s no need to knock it, but understanding it from 1-second clips is a little difficult.

When it starts out with a clips that show a man spanking another man’s butt and a woman licking a guy in the face it inspires something other than awe, but then it just keeps going and never seems to level out as the crazy continues and gets even deeper. Near the end is another disturbing image when a male stripper looks down and the woman he’s on calls him dad. The whole clip is just full of more clips that are disturbing, gut-wrenching, and so insanely crazy that a person can’t help but watch or turn away to preserve what’s left of their appetite, sanity, or both.

One thing you can say about It’s Always Sunny is that it’s not boring and it’s not shy about slapping the viewers, metaphorically, in the face with what they have to present. A lot of shows might draw the line at a lot of the things that are done on this show, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a bar when it comes to what they’ll do and what they’re allowed to get away with.

Can anyone remember when the language and the content of the most current shows would never have been allowed? Censors used to have a field day on shows if they stepped even a toe out of line. In fact a lot of people that thought of wholesome TV being something like The Waltons of The Brady Bunch would no doubt look at today’s shows and pitch over from shock. That’s the times though, they are a-changin, and TV changes with them.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is not the worst show on TV when it comes to content or language. In fact while it might be one of the more fringe shows that’s ever aired it’s still kind of low on the list as compared to several others when it comes to many factors. People watch this show because it’s funny, it’s got great actors, and it’s able to do and say things a lot of other shows can’t or won’t.

Personally it just wasn’t my speed, but a lot of other folks tend to think this show was something special so I won’t dare argue with that.

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