10 Things You Didn’t Know About Zied Hakimi

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Zied Hakimi

10 Things You Didn’t Know About  Zied Hakimi

On “90 Day Fiancé,” we have witnessed many couples falling in love, and while some do not end up together, Zied Hakimi and Rebecca have weathered the storm to get their happy ending. The two have proven that age is nothing but a number, and where there is a will, there is always a way. Their love story unfolded with fans predicting that it would end in tears for both of them when they found out the truth about each other. If you were a keen follower of the couple, you must be wondering who exactly is Zied besides being Rebecca’s husband from Tunisia. Here is your chance to find out through the facts below.

1. He worried several people about his motives for marrying Rebecca

In his song, Kanye said that he was not labeling the woman a gold digger, but her actions proved otherwise. Similarly, Rebecca’s daughter Tiffany had her doubts about Zied’s intentions for marrying her mother. Tiffany’s fiancé, Micah, also felt that Zied was only after attaining a visa or Rebecca’s money. However, Rebecca defended Zied, saying although at first Zied could not work in the US due to lack of a work permit, the Tunisian would be able to provide for her once he got a job.

2. He met Rebecca online

Rebecca needed a man to love her, and Zied’s profile on Facebook looked promising, especially when she saw that he lived in Lafayette, Louisiana. To her, that meant that she would no longer have to waste her time and money on someone else since she had done so with her Moroccan ex-husband. Therefore she sent the handsome young man a friend request only for Rebecca to find out that Zied is from Lafayette province in Tunisia and not in Louisiana. However, she could not cast him away because, according to People, she had already fallen in love with him after sparking an instant attraction.

3. He is Rebecca’s fourth husband

They say if at first you don’t succeed, you should keep trying. This piece of advice has been used even by married couples who are in search of happiness hence the rising number of divorce cases. Rebecca has been the victim of failed marriages, but Zied came along, and the instant chemistry they shared made Zied propose to her. However, she was still married to her third husband and had to file for divorce for the lovebirds to get married.

4. He got in a relationship founded on lies

Trust is usually the best foundation on which you can build any relationship. Unfortunately, with online dating, people are prompted to lie by painting a picture of themselves that they think will be more appealing to the prospective partner. Zied fell victim to such lies when Rebecca said that she had finalized her divorce. The two hence risked their lives by spending the night together when she was still a married woman, something that Muslims do not condone. Additionally, according to Screenrant, Rebecca had also never sent pictures of her true representation.

5. He does not want his family to find out about his wife’s bisexual past

Love is about accepting the good, the bad, and the ugly about someone, but Rebecca’s ex was not willing to do so. When she revealed to him that she did not mind having sex with other women, the Moroccan was not accepting of the fact since he was extremely homophobic. Zied, on the other hand, does not seem to bother much about his wife’s sexual past; after all, everyone has skeletons. However, he knows his family would not be pleased with Rebecca’s lesbianism; hence he told her they have to keep that information from them.

6. He is jealous and controlling

Zied admitted that he is the jealous and controlling type, and he proved it on television. After seeing Rebecca’s ex on her phone, he was furious. Even as she tried to calm him down, Zied almost seemed like he was ready to choke her. On another occasion, Rebecca wore a low cut top, which Zied did not find suitable for her since, according to his culture, women are not supposed to expose themselves. Moreover, her tattoos attract a lot of male attention, which Zied is not ready to deal with in their relationship.

7. He borrowed money to buy his wife an engagement ring

Tiffany and Micah seem to have had every right to question Zied’s intention with Rebecca. Besides their concern for how the Tunisian would pull his weight in the marriage, the fact that he could not even afford an engagement ring was disturbing even to viewers. Zied asked Rebecca for some money so he could buy her an engagement ring. However, the reality show’s fans later learned that the 26-year-old got the money from his sister.

8. He has been getting a lot of female attention

It is no secret that Zied Hakimi is a handsome man, especially since he has been working out lately to get rid of his muffin top. Some women do not care that he is already in a relationship with Rebecca; therefore, he has been receiving nude pictures and a lot of flirty messages. According to Soap Dirt, Rebecca consequently called out the thirsty females to stop trying to get Zied to quench their thirst after she went public with the proposal.

9. He is romantic

Zied may not have been able to afford a ring to propose to the love of his life or even take her out on romantic dates. However, he still uses whatever he has to remind her of his love for her. Since he loves singing, he prefers to film himself as he drives and then dedicate the songs to Rebecca. In one post, Zied posted a sweet dedication to his wife, which moved her so much that she shed tears of joy.

10. He is determined to be the best husband to Rebecca

Of course, with the age difference of 20 years, we were skeptical about what Zied wanted in a much older woman. All we could assume was that he planned to use her for a visa and money. However, the Tunisian has revealed he is willing to do whatever it takes to be a good provider. Therefore he went to HVAC school and even graduated, ready to make use of his skills in Georgia where he is living with Rebecca.

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