Young and the Restless Spoilers: Sharon Learns a Horrible Fact

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Sharon Learns a Horrible Fact

Young and the Restless fans are going to find out things are never, ever what they seem. Now that Phyllis has dropped the biggest bombshell ever on Sharon, it’s going to be very, very ugly for all involved. You see, it turns out Sharon didn’t know that the baby wasn’t Nick’s. She had no idea that she had a baby with Adam Newman prior to his death. She always thought Christian belonged to her own ex-husband at the time. She didn’t know that Victor and Chelsea were keeping this secret, but Phyllis knows and she’s making this clear to Sharon.

Sharon, of course, cannot do anything to allow this to get out. She’s horrified this is the truth, and she can never let Nick and their son find out that this is not the truth. She’s going to team up with Phyllis and the rest of their team to ensure that this secret is one everyone takes to the grave. They are all terrified that Chelsea or her actions will make this a public piece of information.

If you thought Sharon and Phyllis were working so hard to take down Chelsea before, you have no idea how hard they are going to work to take her down right now. This information can change so many lives for the worst for the rest of their lives, and Sharon is not about to allow that to happen to anyone. She’s got to protect what is hers, and she’s on a roll.

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