Young and the Restless: Hilary Is Mad At Cane

Young and the Restless: Hilary Is Mad At Cane

Young and the Restless fans aren’t sure what Hilary wants so badly with Cane’s marriage. She is the one who convinced Juliet to go to the police and file a lawsuit when she found out that Cane cheated on his wife with her, and now she wants them to get back together? When Cane tells Hilary he’s not doing anything to get his wife back because she’s not interested in being married to him anymore, she’s furious. She’s so upset that he’s going along with her plan to get a divorce she can’t even stand it.

She wants to see more from him, and she wants him to get on the ball with fixing all this. She’s mad, and he has no actual idea what she’s made about. It’s a situation in which she cannot even function without things going her way, and she’s working hard to make it right.

But why? What does she have to gain by any of this? She did it, really. Well, Cane and Juliet did this, but we think they could have kept it a secret for a while longer if Hilary hadn’t come forward and gotten involved, and we have no idea why she is working so hard to make sure that they get back together and stay married. Why does she care? And what does this mean for anyone? We don’t know, and we aren’t sure at this point.

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