Young and the Restless: Graham Makes A Bold Move

Young and the Restless: Graham Makes A Bold Move

Young and the Restless fans know Graham wants to have custody of Dina, but everyone knows that things are not what they seem. He is not her family, he does not have her best interests at heart, and things are not what they should be with him and with his plan. And he wants a very ill woman who doesn’t have much time left to live, and he’s in court for this. We can expect to see him win, too, because he will show up soon with a police officer and a warrant — and he will show up in front of Michael and Paul.

But is he getting her back in his custody or is he there to have her sent to jail for the things he’s trying to pin on her? We have to say we are not entirely certain what he is doing there with a cop looking for Dina, but we do know that whatever it is, it’s not good.

And there will be a problem here. Michael and Paul are not about to back down when he shows up, even with a police officer in tow. They’re not about to let this happen, so they will put up a fight. Will they end up in jail for it, and what will happen when they all find out what is really going on here? And we don’t think that Graham will be able to just walk away with her, but stranger things have happened in the past.

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