Young and the Restless: Billy Does Not Support Victoria’s Methods

Young and the Restless fans know that Billy warned Victoria about her new date, and he’s not happy that she ended up spending the night with him. She assured her ex she knew what she was doing, but we are all going to see her spend a little too much time focusing on how she can get what she wants, which means she’s drinking a bit much and making some pretty questionable decisions. It’s not a good look for her, but she’s going to do what she’s got to do.

And it’s going to mean big things are happening. We already know Jack is going to use this however he can to try and take her down, and we know that Billy is not going to be happy with her for this, either. She’s got a calculated risk to take and she feels she’s good with what she is going. But is she good, or is she taking out some of her stress on making poor decisions?

Will this end anything she and Billy have going on, or will this only make things work out better for her now that he’s showing off his upset with her and acting all jealous? Maybe this is what they needed to focus on where they need to go and want to go with their own relationship. We don’t know what they want or need from one another, but this might be everything that they need to make this relationship work and get Phyllis out of the picture.

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