Young and the Restless Spoilers: Sharon Waits for Results

Young and the Restless fans know that Amanda has been taking chance since she ran away from home and away from her old life, but at what cost to everyone else? At what cost does she have to put herself through all of this and still try to make a new life for herself? Right now, she’s realized that there is very little she can do other than try to take her own life into her own hands to try and make things work. She’s got a lot going on right now, but what will she do when she realizes that this will not always work? She’s taking some chances, and they are going to work for her. She’s risking it all, and she’s hoping that what she is doing is going to be the answer to her prayers and the many other things she needs to see in her own life.

Phyllis and Nick have been trying to make some decisions of their own. Do they continue to go on with the things that they are doing, or do they call it a day and move on? They do this a lot. They get into a relationship with one another and one or both of them panic when they realize that they are all but married to the other. Then they have a talk like this, they ruin things, and they make a mess of it. This is probably what will happen this time around, too. They don’t have much else to say about it, honestly. There’s a mess of stuff going on right now, and it’s a lot. Victoria, on the other hand, has some unfinished business to handle, and trust us when we say she is handling it. She’s not done.

What’s Happening on Young and the Restless

This is something we all need right now.

What’s Next on Young and the Restless

There’s a lot going down today as we mark the last full day of the week. It’s not always good, either. For one, we can see that there is a lot going on with Sharon. She’s got to wait on some news that will be vital to her future. She has been handling this to the best of her ability, but it’s hard when you have cancer and no way of knowing how to deal with your life as it’s coming at you. This is an important test, and we hope so much that the news that she’s getting is good news. She can find that out herself, we know it, but she’s got to have the patience. Elena is a woman who has had a year that she didn’t entirely care for. She thought she’d found what she wanted in life, but that did not work out for her.

Now she is focused on trying to find a way to live her life that works for her, and she’s got to do it her own way. She’s going to do this, but it’s going to be a situation that works out in a strange manner. On the other side of things is what is going on with Phyllis who is going to find that Nikki is not happy with her. Nikki is going to challenge Phyllis, but we all know that Phyllis is just not the type to ever lose. She’s not a fan, and we cannot see her starting now. She’s going to take this on.

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