Young and the Restless Spoilers: Does this New Week Mean Production is Back On?

Young and the Restless fans loved the wedding week theme we got to enjoy last week, and we cannot wait to find out what will happen this week. However, we are going to take a moment and give ourselves a chance to sit back, relax, and figure out a few things first. We want to know when the show is coming back. We’ve had a few articles about this in the past, and that’s what we are focusing on today. Today, we are bringing you the latest. We thought we might have some more amazing news about everything that is related to production resuming.

We told you two weeks ago that California Governor Gavin Newsome gave the go ahead for production to go back to work on June 12. He made a quick statement about leaving it mostly up to local authorities in any given area, but he also said that it was fine to get back to work if all guidelines are met and so forth. Then we brought you news today that the other CBS soap, Bold and the Beautiful, got back to work a week ago. The crew went back to work last Monday, and the cast went back to work last Wednesday. We thought this might mean good things for the Young and the Restless, but it absolutely did not mean that they followed suit.

Not Back to Work Yet

Unfortunately, the cast and crew at the Young and the Restless is not back to work. They aren’t ready to return, according to those who work on the set. The show has to make some changes. For one, they have to make some big changes to how they work through their wardrobe situation. They cannot have people sharing clothes and using their same old habits. They also have to focus on things like how they will do their hair and makeup and still keep everyone socially distant. New cleaning techniques are also necessary for everyone to get back to work.

The other issue that they are facing is that they have to find a new way to work their scripts. You see, paper scripts are no longer recommended, which means that they have to figure out how to get them to the cast. Rumor has it that many of the cast members put their scripts in hidden locations all over the set to help them remember their lines, and this means that they will not be able to do that right now. It’s one of those things that they need to figure out on their own, though.

Rumored Start Date

We don’t have confirmation yet, but there is a rumor spreading that the cast and crew can come back to work this week. They are thinking sometime this week – the week of June 22 – to get back to work and do it in a safe manner with all their new safety precautions in place. While we haven’t confirmation of this, we assume they will take a few pages out of the book Bold and the Beautiful is using with staggered start times, masks except for when someone is acting out a scene, and shorter days for those who work. They will also test for COVID and make sure no one has it when they are given a chance to go back to work.

What this means is that we might have another month or two of old episodes to watch. It apparently takes anywhere from four to six weeks to edit and prepare a show to air, so this means we might not see much movement until August. We were hopeful we might see something a little earlier, but this is seemingly what we might get. Although, ratings are dropping quickly as new episodes are off the table, so the show might end up rushing things to get the show back on the air in a timely fashion. This is not good news for the soap, but we are hopeful that everyone will be able to return to work this week, get back to some sort of normalcy, and bring back the new shows for their beloved fans who miss them so much right now.

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