Young and the Restless: If We Were Writers

Young and the Restless fans are not big fans of all that happens for the people of Genoa City. Writers are always making changes, kicking people off the show, making things happen that we didn’t think would happen. They are always finding a way to make a mess of the best situations, and 2018 has really been one of those years. It almost seems as if the people writing want to take the happiest moments and make them the most miserable. They’ve been able to mess up so many good things, makes a mockery of so many beautiful things, and change things that we don’t like. If we could write for the show the rest of 2018, we’d do this.

Keep Ashley

We know she wants to retire from the show and live her life for once, and that’s amazing. We think that Eileen Davidson has been amazing to this show, and leaving is something that she’s definitely a right to do. But if we were the writers, we’d not make it easy on her. We’d find anything we could to keep her there. We’d do it. We love her so much and everything she does is our favorite. She’s going to be sorely missed when she leaves, and we want to see her come back.

Restore Jack’s Power

We know that his life is not good at the moment, but we want to see his life better. We want to see him get things together, make it happen for himself, and we want to see things work out for him. He is someone who has a chance to do the right thing, to make things happen, and to make things go according to his plan, and we want to see that. We want him to have the power back at Abbott, and we want that soon. He was the best leader. He was the best option. He was the best choice. He is all there is to know about the Abbott family, and we hate that he’s been removed from his own family with this kind of vigor and sadness. It’s been a bit much for us to handle this year.

Summer Changes

She is nothing more than a hot mess, and we want her parents to take her down a notch. She might not be a child anymore, but she’s a grown woman who knows better than to behave the way she’s been behaving. She’s making a mockery of her life and the lives of everyone else around them, and we cannot even handle the fact that this is happening. She needs to get it together, she needs to get someone to take her down a notch, and she needs it to be her parents.

We want to see Nick and Phyllis take a stand and take her down once and for all, and we want to see her apologize for all she’s done to her mother. She’s awful, and she’s making some poor decisions. Not that she’s the only one around here who does that, but she is the only one around here who has made us completely horrified by her behavior in every manner of speaking lately. It’s been a terrible mess, and we cannot believe it’s happening.

Phyllis Dumps Billy

If we had to predict one thing happening this year, it would be this one. They are not a good match. He is far too immature for her, and that is not something that we take lightly. He’s a man who makes poor choices, he makes poor decisions, and he makes all of us completely baffled by his behavior. It’s not good for anyone, and we know that. He is someone who has to take a stand for himself and his life, and he has to grow up. He won’t, but maybe her ending things with him will make him realize that he is not a stand-up man with the right decisions in his life. He’s someone who has to take a chance on himself, and we are all right with that — but not before he grows up and she dumps him.

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