Young and the Restless: Four Katherine Chancellor Memories We Adore

Young and the Restless fans know that this is a new week for the show. There was no new episode for us to get into yesterday. There was a throwback of an old episode, which is what is going on right now. This is the way that things are going to be on here from this point on, and there is not much we can do about that other than try and work with the show the way that they are bringing new things to you. Since the first week of throwbacks and themes is all about Katherine Chancellor, we decided it was only appropriate for us to give you all you want to know about her, her life, and how she became such a fabulous part of this show. She’s so special, and we love her, and we want to share our favorite Katherine Chancellor memories with all of you. Here we go.

Her Introduction

She’s one of those characters who seems like she’s been around since day one, but she has not been. She came into the scene in 1973, and she brought her A game from day one. She was known as Katherine Chancellor officially, but everyone else referred to her as the Grande Dame of Genoa City, and for a very good reason. She was regal, classy, elegant, eloquent, and she was someone who was able to tell you where to go without making you feel as if she was being inappropriate or rude in any capacity. We loved her for that, and we will never forget her in that moment. She was everything ton us, and she will always be everything to us.

The Hose Fight

It’s so hard to forget that she is someone who has so much to offer those of us who are not that dramatic in real life. Anyone who has watched the show for any number of years when she was on the air knows that she and Jill had the most horrible hatred for one another, but in a way that was beyond comical. These two were so awful to one another that they took it upon themselves to fight it out as often as possible for nearly 40 years. They were horrible, but they were also hilarious. We loved it when they got into that one fight that was so awful they actually both picked up water hoses and sprayed one another down like they were in the middle of a gun fight. It was a classic.

Her Wardrobe

If there is one thing that she did so well, it was rock anything and everything that she wore. She was not afraid to make a scene anytime she had a chance, and that is what she lived for. Her entire personality screamed “I’m greater than you could ever hope to be,” and she was not wrong about that. Despite her imperfections, she was the kind of woman who just did what she felt she needed to do. She did it her own way, and she did not worry at all about the way that anyone else felt about her. She was a mess, but she was so into it that it worked for her. She always looked a little bit cooler than everyone else, and we loved that about her.

She Was Always Close to So Many

She had her enemies, of course, but she was the type who did make a lot of friends. Everyone respected her in their own day, whether they did so from afar with a bit of fear or they did so up close and personal and with so much love that it was hard to hide. She was close to Cane and to Jack and to so many other people around town, and she taught them so much. She was close to Nikki and to Devon and to so many, and she always made them feel as if they were the most important person in her life. They may have been, but she had such a gift for making sure they knew how much they meant to her, and we loved that.

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