Young and the Restless Couples We Are Shocked Made it Work

Young and the Restless Couples We Are Shocked Made it Work

Young and the Restless follows the lives of many men and women and the very sordid tales of their lives. They are all people who have some big issues, and they all have some serious stuff to deal with, and some of them just have too many issues. And that includes the personal relationships they are so desperate to make work. We know that you cannot help your feelings sometimes. We know that you don’t always get to do things your way. We know that there are many things that might just make you more than what you are, and we know that you can sometimes find the love of your life even on a soap, but that will never stop us from being utterly shocked that so many couples are still together. Still making it work despite all the things that they’ve been through.

Nikki and Victor

Honestly, it works for them even though it really rarely ever works for them. They are always at one another. They are always fighting. They keep secrets. They do things behind one another’s backs. They lie. They cheat. They steal. They do every single thing you could possibly do to another person to hurt them, and then they kiss, make up, and they tell the world that they are the strongest and most united front of all. We are regularly baffled by the state of their marriage and the existence of what is going on in their lives, and we cannot figure it out. But, it works for them even when it definitely does not work for us.

Tess and Mariah

Why? Just, why? Mariah is too good for this woman and we all know it. They have managed to confuse us so much with this entire thing. They didn’t get together. Then they did, but they didn’t, but they weren’t sure, and then they didn’t, and it was a thing. They were together, but no, they weren’t together. But then it was official, but was it official? Who even knows with these two? Then there were some lies, some bad news situations going on, some big problems. Then we thought maybe they weren’t really together anymore? We just don’t know, at all, and it’s been a big thing for us. They are going so strong now, but we are just not there with it. They seem to have an odd relationship in which Mariah is obviously more into her than she is into Mariah, but also in which Tessa is not all that emotionally available. She’s not always there for her girlfriend. She’s not always in the mood to help her out. She’s not always there to support her when she needs it the most, which is right now when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and everyone has to deal with so many things that hurt and don’t work. We make no secret about our dislike of this couple, but they seem to be making it work.

Lola and Kyle

All right, so they’ve been together for almost no time, but they did get married and that is a big thing. It’s even bigger because she was literally not even that interested in him for a very long time because she didn’t want to get involved with a man who had another woman fighting so hard for him. Then he married that other woman. Then Lola decided she was interested. It wasn’t good for her when the other woman was just trying to be with him, but it was fine when she was married to him? Makes no sense. They got married. He still spends all his time with Summer, the other woman, and she spends all her time with Theo, a man who hates her husband, who her husband hates in return, and who she knows makes her husband feel more than a little upset when she’s with. It’s a thing, and we cannot believe this is still working for them. They are a hot mess, and they both know it. They both have feelings for other people, too, and they continue to try and bring this situation to light. It’s not working for us, but it does seem to be working for them.

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