Why You Season 5 Will Be The Last

Why You Season 5 Will Be The Last

The release of You season 4 part 2 marked a new beginning for Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), but it also sets up the end of his story. Goldberg finally accepts he is a man who kills not for love or protection but for sport, and now he has the financial backing to become invincible. For four seasons, Joe Goldberg killed anyone and everyone in his way, but with the idea that he was doing it for a good reason. You season 4 part 2 introduced a new angle for You season 5.

However, You season 5 is the final season in the series. In the final season, Joe Goldberg returns to New York City as his former self – he did fake his death in You season 3 – and the character must learn to adjust to his new life with Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) in the city where it all began for him. It’s the last time he will live and kill in New York City, and You showrunners are ready to tell the final part of Joe Goldberg’s twisted story.

Why You Is Ending With Season 5

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in You

You season 5 is the end because the show never meant for Joe’s story to last forever. From the start, the goal of You’s plot was to keep Joe Goldberg relevant and exciting, but not to keep him around forever. The character’s infinite killing spree was always designed to come to an end before the show became stale.

You season 5 is the last season of the series because the people behind the show know it’s time. No one is trying to stick around forever. The creators, writers, and stars of You want to go out on a high note when Joe Goldberg’s story is still interesting rather than stale. Essentially, You is not going to overstay its welcome. Therefore, the series ends with You season 5.

Why It’s Good There Won’t Be A You Season 6

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in You

Showrunners made it clear that You season 5 is the last because there is no room for the plot to become stale. The first four seasons of You brought new storylines, interesting character arcs, and new light for Joe all along. However, the primary goal of You and Joe Goldberg’s character has never been to showcase Joe as a hero. Sure, he is a likable character even when he’s killing innocent people, but he’s no hero.

Now that Joe Goldberg himself is aware that he is not a hero despite feeling as if his murderous tendencies were for the greater good, his story is set to end. You’s lead character is increasingly dangerous, especially to himself. Now that he has the financial backing to get away with murder – literally and figuratively – he feels invincible. It’s good that You season 5 is the end because Joe now knows who and what he is. You season 5 is ending with a man who is aware of himself, and he no longer holds any illusions that he is a good person.

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