You Have to See This: Snoop Dogg from the Top Rope!

You Have to See This: Snoop Dogg from the Top Rope!

You Have to See This:  Snoop Dogg from the Top Rope!

Snoop Dogg is the kind of guy everyone knows. You don’t even have to like rap music to know him by name or even to recognize his very recognizable voice. You can’t help but like him even if you have a very different opinion than his own, and you cannot help but know he has found his place in your heart – and the hearts of just about everyone in the country. He’s in your favorite movies (Old School, anyone?). He hosts a cooking show alongside everyone’s favorite domestic goddess (we’re looking at you, Martha Stewart), and he’s shown us that there’s not really much he cannot do.

Until the beginning of 2021 when he took to the ring in a wrestling match that was mostly awkward, definitely entertaining, and a gentle reminder that even a man who seems to defy the odds with just how good he is at everything in the world is not, in fact, good at every single thing. Most things, yes; but not everything. We are certainly glad to have the reminder that just like us, Snoop is not perfect.

Snoop Dogg’s Impressive Life

He’s a man who has been doing all right for himself for a very long time. Snoop, or Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., has been a superstar since the day he was born. He’s going to turn 50 – we cannot even believe it – in October 2021, and we are just shocked by this. He joined our lives back in 1992 when he began his exceptionally successful rap career, and he’s been in our lives ever since. From his early days as Snoop Doggy Dogg working closely with Dr. Dre to the days when he was part of Tha Dogg Pound to the days he was starring in movies such as “Half Baked,” we’ve loved him.

His early life was a bit of a mess what with murder charges and drug charges and a lot of legal trouble. He learned the hard way that the ‘gangster lifestyle,’ – as he called it – might not be for him. After he was acquitted of murder charges in 1996, he told the world he’d no longer be living that lifestyle because he knew it would eventually take him down some dark roads. He was afraid of either being locked up for the rest of his life or being killed by someone else in that life. He probably wasn’t wrong, either, as the deaths of many of his friends and colleagues became prevalent in the years that followed. The world lost Tupac Shakur. The world saw Suge Knight indicted. Biggie died. It was a hard time for many in the rap industry, and Snoop had already made the decision to give it up.

He continued to thrive in the music game. He continued to star in movies. He continued to do things that the world didn’t think he could do a lot of what he did. But, it was the time that he made an appearance on Martha Stewart’s show that he really captivated his fans – and those who had never heard of him, those who didn’t like him, and those in an age group that didn’t know who he was at the time. He made a huge impression on so many with his unlikely friendship with Stewart, and the two have taken the world by storm with their shows and their work together. It left the world wondering…is there anything Snoop Dogg cannot do?

AEW Showdown

When the world welcomed 2021 with open arms, Snoop made his first public appearance of the year appearing an AEW’s Dynamite: New Year’s Smash. It all started with some good old-fashioned fun when the rapper brought out some juice for Private Party. After all, it is hard to sip on Gin and Juice when you don’t have any juice, right?

He made a secondary appearance later in the show when he came into the right with Cody. The fight ensued, things got a little crazy, and fans were either delighted or not even amused depending on who they were rooting for. However, it was still Snoop who stole the show when he decided to get into the ring and show the world a little action of his own. It was at that moment he climbed onto the rope and he attempted a frog splash down onto Serpentico. It really was hilarious because it was by far the most awkward thing we’ve seen in a long time. Fans were delighted, and everyone loved it. It was a good first appearance of the year for him.

However, we did learn that while Snoop is good at many things, perhaps he should stick to his day job and leave the wrestling situation to the pros. Though we’d not be sad to see him make another comeback in this capacity, if we are being honest.

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