The Worst Child Freak Out on An Airplane Ever

Get ready to listen to the worst child freak out on an airplane….EVER. If you thought your kid was bad during a flight then you might want to tone it down and be thankful that you can control them for even a little bit. The poor people on this flight from Germany to Newark, New Jersey had to listen to the same kid screaming for EIGHT HOURS straight. You might make the argument that the kid was afraid to fly but that wouldn’t explain why he was screaming his lungs out before the plane had even lifted off the tarmac. Oh no, this kid was channeling some seriously demonic noise that emerged through his mouth and continued to plague the ears of the unfortunate passengers for eight hours without cease. There were brief moments of peace and quiet but they were fleeting it seems in the face of this kids continuing auditory rampage.

Eight hours, just think about listening to someone else’s kid screaming this way for a third of the day. There are a host of excuses why this kid would be this way but a lot of them wouldn’t hold enough water to fill a thimble to be honest. The kid’s screaming is bad enough, but the idea that his mother doesn’t do anything is even worse. Plus, the father doesn’t seem to do anything either, which mean that his parents let him just have run of whatever environment he happens to be in. That doesn’t seem too wise, especially in a crowded space that one can leave for eight long, agonizing hours. Even Damien wasn’t this annoying for the two hours of screen time that the Omen took to run.

You can listen as hour after hour this kid does nothing but scream and throw a tantrum to get his way, and the parents still do nothing. It would be so easy to condemn them at this point for allowing their child to act like a hellion but a lot of people might see that as a reason to stand up for them and claim that such a thing isn’t necessary. Either these people that would defend this have no kids or they’ve somehow shut down that portion of their brain that is bothered by things like this. In the open, where a person can walk away from this kind of noise, it’s not that bad. But in a confined space where the kid can be heard from one end of the plane to the next, don’t doubt the possibility, the parents need to step in and exercise their authority to gain some sense of order so that their fellow passengers can actually enjoy their flight.

What’s that? The other passengers aren’t their concern? You’d be right to say that, but at the same time the kid that’s acting like the devil reborn IS their concern, and his behavior is anything but okay on a plane filled with people. The idea that he’s throwing a tantrum because he can’t play on a tablet or other digital device sounds like one of the worst cop outs ever, as many kids his age do in fact play on such devices and yet won’t act like demon children if they don’t have the device in front of them.

It’s time to step up and be a parent, not a keeper sometimes.

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