Women in the Following Halloween Costumes are Most Likely To Cheat

Halloween is indeed a day that is allowable for people to express themselves creatively. CREATIVELY does not necessarily mean sexually however. If you’ve got an inkling that your girlfriend or wife is bound to go straying across the yard on you on Halloween it might be time to have a little chat with your significant other about more than just what costume she’s going to be wearing. Of course if you have an open relationship or are just the type to get down in this manner then don’t worry your pretty little head, maybe she’ll bring home a Halloween surprise for the both of you. But then again, let’s just assume for this article that you’re a guy that DOESN’T want his girlfriend or wife cheating on you. Let’s do that just for the sake of the current argument.

A Halloween costume is no reason to think that you’re woman is cheating on you, and if it becomes that kind of thing then feel free to smack yourself for being waaaay too paranoid. Women aren’t any more prone to cheating on their spouse or significant other than men are, so get a grip and hold tight to your pride and dignity for a minute. This ‘study’ that’s been conducted stating that women are more likely to cheat on Halloween and see it as a ‘free night’ is about as filled with holes as a block of Swiss cheese, and smells even worse.

You know what Halloween costumes are all about? Well, originally they were to scare off evil spirits in the festival of Samhain, or so the story goes. As the years went on the festivals continued but obviously got a little more diverse until finally it got commercialized and became what it is today. But nowhere in there did it ever seem to become a free day for wives and girlfriends to frolick about with loose morals and a devil may care attitude about sex. Guys, if you’re having this kind of problem and suspect your wife or girlfriend of infidelity you might have bigger problems than a simple Halloween costume.

But look at it this way, if your woman wants to dress as a sexy nurse, catwoman, a busty vampiress, or even a sexy airline attendant, it could very well be for your benefit. If you would PAY ATTENTION then it’s possible you could have a very Happy Halloween and not have to worry about your woman straying from your side for any longer than it takes to get a breather from the midnight festivities. The idea that a costume is a warning signal that your woman is about to cheat is only due to the fact that you ARE NOT giving them the attention they want. Some women might want to show off and that’s between them and their significant others, but to be quite honest this ‘study’ is as moldy as your pumpkins will be the day after Halloween.

If your wife or girlfriend dresses up in a sexy outfit this Halloween, pry your eyes away from whatever it is you’re doing and give them the attention they want. The only reason you’ll be sorry is if you don’t.


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