Why We’ll Be Watching The Movie “Without Remorse”

Why We’ll Be Watching The Movie “Without Remorse”

The reason we’ll be watching Without Remorse is simple, it’s an action movie and that’s why a lot of people watch movies like this. But the caveat to this is that apart from having a definite edge and looking like another story about a guy that will do anything and everything to figure out why he was targeted by someone that wanted him out of the picture, it’s bound to be seen by a lot of people as JUST another action movie. And the part about being wounded badly enough to land in the hospital, after finding out that his wife had been killed in the process, is a familiar story since it happened in A Man Apart, with Vin Diesel and Larenz Tate back in 2003. The difference, apart from this being another adaptation of a Tom Clancy novel, is that Diesel and Tate play DEA operatives that go to war with a drug lord, while Michael B. Jordan is a Navy SEAL that looks as though he’s trying to take on a group of terrorists and perhaps even his own people at one point in order to find out who killed his wife. The similarities are there because both men, Jordan and Diesel, are willing to go to such extremes to make sure their enemies feel everything they’re about to do to them, and they’re pulling out all the stops when it comes to making things difficult for the antagonists in the movie. In a big way, it’s almost like A Man Apart was given a huge upgrade.

Or maybe someone took the idea of Clancy’s novel and made the movie A Man Apart since the book for Without Remorse was published in the early 90s, which means it’s been a long time coming for this movie. It’s also another chance for Michael B. Jordan to show off an aggressive streak that, despite being an act, is pretty impressive since he’s turned into quite the action star over the years. The question of how far a person would go to avenge their family is one that a lot of people can ask since it’s something that many agree isn’t a wise move to make, especially when it involves someone that’s so highly trained as a Navy SEAL. We’ve seen these types of movies over and over throughout the years but the fun part is that each one of them does offer several small differences that make them unique and set them apart from other movies that might have a very similar formula. The only downside is the same thing that makes it great can also make it a bit easy to predict since, despite all the edgy behavior and the aggressive moves, it all comes down to the main character needing revenge against those that wronged them, while maintaining a level of self-control that can and usually does slip from time to time.

It’s a natural reaction unfortunately that some people have since sorrow and despair are natural reactions, but so is anger. In fact, rage is not unlike an inferno that can supplant any other emotion for a time since depending on how hot it burns and for how long, some folks can do some serious damage before their anger finally plays out and the other emotions come crowding in. Watching this movie is no doubt going to pull at a lot of heartstrings since the whole idea of being able to protect one’s family is still a strong and overwhelming drive in a lot of people, in fact, it could be said that it’s still something that many people would fight and die to protect since family is so important. But how far someone is willing to go is just as good of a question since if someone has limited means then something like this won’t be quite as possible, while if someone has the skills but not the means it’s easy to wonder what they might do. The raw emotion that can take over during a time of intense grief has been said to be overwhelming to such a degree that people simply don’t think about their actions and go into a type of autopilot mode in which they can function, but their rational mind is elsewhere. That’s a dangerous proposition for those that are truly dangerous people, which appears to be one of the many points that are bound to be made with this movie.

So in all honesty, watching this movie will be something that’s done because it looks awesome, it’s an action movie, which means that it’s bound to show plenty of hard-hitting scenes and feature antagonists that kind of get what they have coming, and will be yet another impressive movie in Jordan’s career that people can enjoy. There aren’t a lot of expectations for this movie, but maybe that means it will be easier to be impressed.

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