Why We’ll Be Watching Robert Rodriguez’s “We Can Be Heroes”

If there’s one reason why we’ll be watching Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming We Can Be Heroes on Netflix it could be because he does have a decent track record when it comes to making people care about superheroes that have yet to realize their potential. As Sandy Schaefer of ScreenRant has gone on to say the movie will be based on the premise of aliens coming to kidnap the world’s superheroes and their kids, who are left behind, having to come to their rescue. As in Spy Kids, which is basically a precursor for such a movie, it would seem that the kids that either do or don’t know about their parents’ extracurricular activities will need to step up and take charge in an effort to save their parents and possibly the world. That plot isn’t so overdone at this point that people might be groaning and seeming ready to toss movies like in the trash bin, but it does seem as though it might not have done so well if he hadn’t found a halfway point between Spy Kids and the more adult features he’s put out throughout the years.

This one could be worth the effort, as Maggie Dela Paz from ComingSoon seems to agree with, since it does happen to stand a chance simply because it’s something that people might expect from him and it’s something that isn’t bound to be too cutesy or too horrible and graphic. It’s also the kind of movie that might get more attention at this point since to be honest Netflix and other streaming networks are getting just about as much if not more attention as the movie theaters these days. In fact if one turns to Netflix they might notice that more and more people are using their mobile devices to stream shows and movies on a more constant basis than they’re buying movie tickets. It could be that one day we’ll see the theaters struggling just as the video stores did when the streaming networks started coming out in force, but it does feel as though we’re still a ways off from that time. In the meantime though Rodriguez and many others are taking full advantage of streamlining their movies in a manner that allows them to be seen quicker and by more people since Netflix is, quite simply, more accessible by a larger number of people.

When thinking about this premise it seems like something that might be playing it safe rather than trying to settle firmly on either side of the line when it comes to making a kid movie or an adult film that might be just for one or the other. In a sense it’s almost as though Rodriguez is trying to satisfy both kids and adults with this one, which is an interesting proposition that doesn’t always pan out since the result either comes off as too cheesy and pandering or becomes something that gets ignored because it’s not quite edgy enough. You could say that Rodriguez has done this a time or two in his career, but thus far he’s been successful enough, impressively so, that such an attempt isn’t beyond the realm of feasibility. We Can Be Heroes could be something that might stand as the director’s attempt to bridge the age gap and therefore usher in a new idea that the old heroes are just fine as they are, but it’s time to pass the torch, or at least to begin the process. Some might say that it’s been time for a while since the old heroes we grew up with have been given stand-ins in movies such as this more than once and it’s almost always been seen that the old has to give way to the new eventually in an attempt to finally show that things are going to change and will be embraced as they are, not as the people want them to be according to the old stereotypes.

To say that the movie will be great is a bit premature, but to think that it might be worth watching is fair. In this day and age there are so many movies out there to watch that trying to call them all great and say that any and all directors are worth the chance is optimistic, but there are those that simply flop and those that shine and unfortunately it takes wading through hours and hours of film and shows to really get the idea of who is distinguishing themselves in a notable manner. Rodriguez is already a proven director so it’s obvious that his attempts are going to be noticed, but when it comes to new material it still needs to be observed that he, along with everyone else, needs to continually prove that his vision is going to be acceptable and easily embraced by his fans. He’s a great director, but even the greats sometimes fall off the rails.

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