Why We’ll Be Watching “Hunter Hunter” with Devon Sawa

It feels as though we don’t see Devon Sawa that much these days, doesn’t it? To be fair, he’s kept up with his acting throughout the years, but many of his roles have been wrapped up in movies that don’t get a lot of play ever since his time in the first Final Destination, which gave rise to several sequels. Even now it feels as though rumors of Final Destination being given a reboot are still building. But in Hunter Hunter, it’s apparent that he’s bound to stick with the type of movie that’s going to be available on streaming, even though this one will be headed to theaters and drive-ins as well. If it wasn’t evident at this point, a lot of movies are doing whatever is necessary to be seen by as many people as is possible since the entertainment industry has been feeling the pinch in 2020 thanks to the shutdowns that prevent people from going out, and trying their best to push their movies wherever they can is one of the goals. Kind of like the characters in this movie, the industry is currently in survival mode and is doing what it can to hold on. It’s still believed by many that streaming is going to take over completely at one point, especially if theaters can’t open up due to the pandemic, but many are still hopeful that things will eventually start going back to some semblance of normal.

Hunter Hunter already looks to be pretty tense as it focuses on the lives of a small family of three living in the woods and getting by as fur trappers, something that a lot of people might be surprised to learn is something that is still done in this day and age. But living in the deep forest is still a risk obviously since as the family learns of a rogue wolf poaching their kills, they soon discover that the problem is a little more serious than they initially thought. A rogue wolf is bad enough to think about since it’s very possible that such an animal would pose a danger to any creature in its sight, but when the father, played by Joseph, goes off in search of this threat, he leaves his wife and daughter behind to fend for themselves. Some are bound to think that this is a rather bold and not overly intelligent act, especially given the tension that’s already felt in the trailer between the husband and wife. But one thing about living off in the wilderness away from the influence of other humans is that creates the need to toughen up a bit and learn the ways of the land in order to keep on’s place on the evolutionary ladder.

When an injured stranger shows up things only become tenser as one has to wonder if the rogue wolf is really the problem or there’s something else afoot that needs to be dealt with as the bodies begin to stack up and local authorities become involved. At this point, it feels as though the trust that’s been built up by creating an antagonist in the form of a bloodthirsty wolf might shift suddenly as a stranger to the family could be every bit as dangerous as a wild animal that’s developed a taste for a murderer’s leavings. We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out, but the idea of demonizing wolves is nothing new, and if the movie goes into the idea that the wolf is a real danger to the family it’s kind of a hope that it will be discovered that this has happened largely because of the twisted machinations of another hunter that has upset the natural order of things. The filmmaker had this to say via MovieWeb:

“Hunter Hunter is about the pursuit of a predator, the dangerous task of chasing after something that isn’t designed to run. Every animal will resist being made a victim, but only a few have the tools necessary to change the outcome; for a hunter of hunters, the lines between predator and prey, victimizer and victim, good and evil, are hopelessly blurred. And in the end, the pursuit of one killer gives way to the creation of another. Because out there in the wilderness, we’re just another animal.”

From the look and feel of the trailer, it does appear that Hunter Hunter will be the type of movie that offers more of a cerebral terror followed by a visceral one that is designed to challenge one on a moral level as humanity is reminded of their place in the world and how we place importance on those few ideas that supposedly keep us apart from the wilds we came from at one time. That alone is why we’ll be giving this movie a look.

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