Why The Conners Won’t Make it to Season 2

The Conners might not make it to a season 2 but things are always in flux when it comes to sitcoms, aren’t they? In any case there are a few things working against this show when it comes to thinking that there might be another season in the works. Even if there is and it goes off without a hitch, it will likely suffer the same fate as other shows in that it will be there, but it won’t be ‘good’. One might wonder why anyone would bother saying such things when people are bound to sound off about this show considering how polarizing it’s been since it came back, but it bears stating that the Roseanne show has never been the same since it was taken off the first time, no matter if you’re talking about the reboot or the original. If that’s confusing it’s largely because a lot of people don’t want to admit that as funny as the original show was, looking back on it now affords a person the chance to look over what they might have missed and realize that what they thought was unfettered greatness was in fact something that wasn’t quite as genius as they believed.

There are a number of reasons that anyone could give why the show won’t see a second season, but let’s examine just a few.

Roseanne fans are divided down the middle when it comes to how the show should proceed.

A lot of people want to see Roseanne back, but it’s just not going to happen unless they want the integrity of the show to slip even farther than they think it’s already gone. Taking Roseanne out was a judgment call in the first place, but trying to reboot the show now would be a disaster since people would likely give up on it altogether. In truth the show should have been left to sit as the legend it was and not brought back, then there wouldn’t be this massive debate about killing off the main character and having to rename it. But now that we’re here the idea of the main characters moping about with the loss of their matriarch is completely understandable, but it can’t possibly carry the series forever. If there’s going to be any forward movement into another season the narrative has got to change and the show has to become something that remembers Roseanne from a distance while the characters move on.

It’s not nearly as interesting as it used to be.

Back in the day there was a great deal of story and verve that the show offered. Each episode gave the audience some issue to deal with and some new bit of drama in the life of the Conner’s that had to be dealt with in a 30-minute time period or force the episode to deliver the ‘to be continued’ line at the end. That at least kept people coming back since they wanted to know just what was going to happen and what it might mean for the family. The show as it stands feels almost like a leftover that has the capacity to be filling and even good for the soul but nonetheless fails to fully satisfy. In other words this show isn’t the worst that it could possibly be, as the ratings have shown, but it’s not the passionate program that used to dominate the network at one time. Whether with Roseanne or without her it doesn’t seem like this would have been a long-running series unless it was willing to change in a very radical way.

The show has spread out way too much.

You could argue that this is a good thing, that it brings more issues and content into the story that can revive it in some crucial way, but barring that it’s placing focus on the family while pulling the attention of the viewers in a lot of different directions that they didn’t have to worry over before. Back in the day it was the Conner’s, plain and simple. You had Dan, Roseanne, and the kids. Anyone else was secondary and didn’t get to affect the story line unless it was specifically written in. Even Roseanne and Jackie’s mother received bare mention now and again while showing up now and again. If Roseanne had been left on the show it almost seems as though there might have been a struggle for dominance to see just who could bring the most interest to the viewers and who would be the main focus of the show. Like it or not, Roseanne had her time and it showed by the time she managed to get back in front of the camera.

Fans can hope and pray that the show will see a second season, but don’t hold your breath just yet.

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