20 Reasons Why Rick and Morty is the Best Cartoon on TV

20 Reasons Why Rick and Morty is the Best Cartoon on TV

20 Reasons Why Rick and Morty is the Best Cartoon on TV

As far as the animation industry is concerned, we all come a very long way. In art, excellence prevails every time that an artist is able to tell a story in a good way. Most story telling media has evolved wonderfully and advanced for a long time. However, animation wasn’t as appreciated as it is now ever before. Apart from the accent of the information age, animation also pretty much owes The Simpsons for its upsurge in popularity. Asian anime has also contributed to the development and refining of animation. They’ve also supplied enough data to pack the internet and movie stores with enough anime content for different demographics and under different genres. For a moment, cartoons were underrated, and popular belief defined them as a stepped-down form of animation. Very soon after, we encountered the iconic cartoon series Rick and Morty.

When Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon created Rick and Morty, they shuttered the notion that cartoons were an inferior form of animation. It became clear that cartoons can be just as effective in delivering thematic messages as any other form of storytelling media. It had even more profound effects; Rick and Morty introduced us to different ways of exploiting literary devices. The animation was based on an original algorithm to power its flow and continuity. Rick and Morty easily superseded all other novel and stellar, even pioneering, cartoons and most animated series in just a short while. It is, at the moment, the pinnacle of brilliance in the cartoon industry.

Be sure to watch all the available series of Rick and Morty to get the full gist of this article. Also, be careful if you haven’t updated yourself with the series. As we explore why Rick and Morty should linger on a while longer, we may succumb to nostalgia and relieve some of those moments. Beware of spoilers! Also, if you binge watch it: watch it with a loved one for the emotional support. However, you will have a ton of fun watching, re-watching and re-re-watching it. The following are some of the reasons why Rick and Morty is simply the best cartoon on TV.

1. The continuity

Traditionally, literary experts attribute animation with the reset buttons. Animation, as widely used in American comic animated stories, is often used to relay vivid and thematic prose. Sometimes, main characters or supporting and recurring characters die in particular episodes and come back in the next episode all healthy and well. It is a very empowering tool that animators use, and the creators of Homer, Maggie, Marge, Lisa and Bart love it very much. It offers script writers the freedom to kill major characters, burn towns and wreck familiar objects in one episode and use the same set and characters in a new episode. The callousness of one episode doesn’t spill over into the next. It creates a comfort zone that disconnects actions and consequences. It calls for extra work to positively transfer consequences for every action in the series. Only extra work can create a sense of continuity. That is the biggest advantage that Rick and Morty enjoys; a death is either permanent or fixable through an inter-galaxy teleportation or cloning.

2. The Innovated Reset Button

Rick and Morty can well be the only show on TV that is allowed by its plot to last on TV for more than a hundred years. Its plot includes time and inter-galaxias travel.

3. The Comic relief

Rick and Morty is just funny. Funny is a very relative adjective, and it can infer to either light or dark humor. The writers developing Rick and Morty heavily employ cynicism and ridicule to tackle contemporary issues and themes. Fans can master the art of humorous ridicule and arm themselves with a lifestyle skill of ironical cynicism.

4. The Echoing Thoughts

This may sound subjective, and it may be subjective, but Rick and Morty feels like psychotherapy. It really does. When you are a Rick and Morty fan, all you want to do is watch with someone and just share your weird thoughts. Some people are support groups hosted over Rick and Morty shows. Watching this cartoon reminds you that the world is full of infinite possibilities, and that some people are just vulgar; deal with it. It shows you that you are not the only one who has weird thoughts; maybe it is not weird; maybe it is just unimaginable to multitudes. Thankfully, Rick and Motry shows them every time it goes on air.

5. Dan Harmon Is a Cartoon character

Let us revisit the aging but still popular public impression of cartoon characters. Typical cartoon series often include the cynical, dull, brilliant and self-proclaimed self-actualized characters like Eustace Bagge, Uncle Ruckus, Fuzzy Lumpkins and the Mayor governing the Power Puff Girls. In fact, some other characters with similar demeanor and cynical temperament include Mandark in Dexter and Aku in Samurai Jack. They are all somewhat unkempt, cynical and Indifferent. That’s our real life cartoon character, and this one helped create Rick and Morty. Way to go Dan Harmon; it appears your prevail over your cynicism!

6. The Conflict and the Randomness

The ultimate power point of the Rick and Morty algorithm is dimensional interferences. If the characters seek resources or refuse in other dimensions for any callacity they cause, they must compensate through ripple effects befalling them. That alone creates continuity in that the characters strive to jump dimensions as they seek to get away from the consequences of previous mistakes. The conflict and the randomness just reign.

7. The Moral Lessons

The juxterpostion in Rick and Morty’s lives is that they are always in life threatening situations: even in the real life. If you consider that the cartoon series clearly depicts how outrageous the adventures depicted are, there can only be contrive and conflict. It is the risk that was ultimately bound to manifest.

8. Every Episode Is a Master Piece

Each and every episode of Rick and Morty is superbly scripted. The internationally acclaimed cartoon series delivers different conflicts in every episode, and they are all masterfully crated. Every episode feels different and just as good as every other one.

9. Something is always wrong.

How cynical is that? Why is everything always going wrong for some characters while other characters in the family breeze through their days without much drama? None withstanding, there is nothing quite as interesting as a solution. The reason you most probably watch Rick and Morty is because they are always trying to get away and survive. It’s human instinct, and it’s a brilliant literary ploy.

10. It Came with a Bang

Rick and Morty aggressively introduced itself to modern TV broadcasting. We were all horror stricken when during a much awaited season finale of a Simpson’s series, Rick and Morty crash into the Simpsons’ Home with a space ship and kill the entire family. That is how most Americans came to know Rick and Morty. Apart from a very interesting premiere, the cartoon series also markets creatively in other entertaining platforms.

11. The Best Thing about It

The most interesting thing about Rick and Morty is the fact that it is perpetually endless. For real, this show can morph into anything, go to anywhere, accent into whichever creatures they want to be and live forever. It is up to the future creators to choose their trajectory. However, the basis of the show binds every character with the responsibility for each and every decision they make.

12. Its Brilliantly Daunting

Rick and Morty is based on the future, and it depicts a picture of what the postmodern world will be like. It is extremely good and insightful fantasy, but it ultimately dejects you. At that point, your present seems way more better (safer). It gets you thinking, and ultimately makes you question if your actions could make your future that tumulus.

13. Rick Sanchez

Rick may say some mean and hurtful things. Sometime, Rick turns into a villain. He is an evil genius with an indifference to everything apart from himself. His selfish love for himself makes him protective of his kin. He lives off using his family to get by, but he is a genius and fixes their daily problems with cutting edge innovation. He makes very funny moments in the entire show, and most of them are created with his dark humor and indifferent satire. He is very abrasive, but we all love him and root for him. In fact, we love to tag along his adventures.

14. Morty

And so does Morty. In fact, Morty is trusted sidekick and his grandchild. He sometimes functions as Rick’s voice of reason which often gets ignored. Morty is not always very smart, and his ignorance helps to propel the show. When he asks obvious questions, Rick answers them in absolute genius. Sometimes, his ignorance also puts them in danger or loss, and the thematic message hits home. Ignorance is bad, and maybe his grandpa is good for him. Good luck with his learning journey, but I hope he takes care of his ethics.

15. Beth

Beth is a universal character. She is the mom. She is afraid her father will flake on her like he did once. That is why she is always apprehensive of him leaving with her family. Already, she is married to a loser husband. Wait, what? Who dares call him that when he keeps his wife, teenage daughter, young son and father in law housed, fed and schooled? Additionally, his wife doesn’t cheat.

16. The dilemma if his wife cheated on him or not

So what happens when an alien invades your home and pretends to be you? Who is to blame if an alien compels your family to forget you by implanting memories in their heads? Is it your wife’s fault if the alien replaces you and makes love to your wife? Is it your fault if the alien compelled you to think you are his lover? Is it your wife’s fault if she kills the alien upon realization? Or is it Justin Roiland’s and Dan Harmon’s literary way of trying to escape the truth that an ex-boyfriend came into Jerry Smith’s home and had an affair with both marriage partners. Could it be that Beth Smith only killed Sleeping Gary because he was Jerry’s lover as well as hers?

17. Sleeping Garry

Sleeping Garry is the alien we just described above. He is just epic, and it is interesting to see him take over the Smith family through his outrageous choices in his memory deception.

18. Jerry

Jerry, if your wife philosophically with the alien memory imposter, well, it is still because you are an overly self-centered guy. Jerry is needle just as he is a control freak. He desires to be the center of attention and adoration not withstanding that he is just an ordinary guy with below average skills. If you didn’t notice, he invaded half of Beth’s paragraph up in the list. She is his wife, however, and he can pretty much do it.

19. Schwifty

No kidding by the way; Rick totally got most folks unaware when he resolved to sing the Schwifty song as a remedy for a world-ending ordeal. It was rogue, bold and daring.

20. The Show Defines Love

The show has pretty cool ways of depicting love. The best way to develop an attitude towards love is to observe how Morty’s sisters stumbles upon its misconceptions. She is a teenage-crazed character who keeps getting infatuated with questionable characters that always wreck her parents’ mood. She just forms an overall impression that love is misguided and misleading.
Just when the mood is right, from observing Morty’s parents and his sister struggling through love, Rick Sanchez sweeps in to damage Morty’s perception of love. He tells Morty that love is just a chemical reaction that forces people to crave breeding and copulation. He tells the young and innocent kid that love hits hard and traps people in the frustrations of bitter marriages. Worst of all, he tells Morty that eventually, love fades. Don’t you just love the show? Well, atleast it does show on adult stream and not in children’s regular broadcasting.

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