Why Luke Evans Would Make a Solid James Bond

Why Luke Evans Would Make a Solid James Bond

Why Luke Evans Would Make a Solid James Bond

Who will take on the role of James Bond next is a big issue right now that a lot of people are more than willing to chime in on since everyone has their own pick as to who can seal the deal and fill the shoes of the famous super-spy so that the franchise can continue. Luke Evans is one of those that people are willing to take a look at and support and he’s even ready to jump at the part if it’s offered to him. At this time there’s no thought of anyone other than Daniel Craig since he needs to finish out the final movie, No Time to Die, before the discussion of who’s going to be brought in to take on the character will be opened. It sounds blasphemous and would likely get me booed out of many forums, but the idea of simply letting the character retire in order to bring on someone else, a new agent, feels like it could be the best move and it could even herald a new beginning for the franchise since like it or not, things have to change at some point. If the actual character of James Bond was a live person he’d be well past retirement at this point if he was still alive. But of course, that’s not something that people are bound to say or even listen to when it comes to Bond since the name and the franchise is too big to consider moving on to a new character unless of course there’s no other choice. If the next spy is a woman or a person of color, it feels easy to say that the name of Bond might have to be retired or become a designation that’s in sync with the 007 label since otherwise, it feels as though fans might become divided rather quickly.

There’s no doubt that there are many people, men and women, and of color, that could take on this role and make it work, but the fact is that using the name of James Bond would be kind of awkward when bringing in a woman or person of color since fans can accept a good number of changes, but even with the many different actors that have taken on the role of Bond it feels as though reality has been stretched wafer-thin at this point. Completely changing the look of the spy would definitely require something different than what had come before. Plus, one has to ask, at what point is Bond going to be allowed to retire? The short answer would appear to be ‘never’ while the long answer might be a little more complicated since the whole idea of keeping Bond around is that people want to continue seeing this character and aren’t willing to let go of him yet, though it does feel as if they might feel comfortable affixing the name and designation to another individual that looks nothing like any of the Bond’s that have come before, which feels a little awkward. But seeing Luke Evans as Bond does feel like it could be something that would work, especially given that it might be able to send the franchise in a new direction that hasn’t been thought up, or at least hasn’t been done in a while.

It would be great to see the Bond franchise take a different route, but at the moment it does feel as though things might be up in the air until No Time to Die is released. Even then it might be a while before we get to see any progress when it comes to picking the next face of the franchise since there are a few individuals that might want it. Luke Evans has proven himself as an action star and as someone that can get the attention of the crowd, but it does feel as though he’s been given roles that haven’t really allowed him to put his wealth of talent on display, at least not in a manner that he might be best suited for. Seeing him tackle the part of Bond would be interesting since he’s not a young man, but he’s not quite that old either so it does feel as though he could complete a few movies before age would set in, and it’s very likely that a few of those that are still being considered for the role by the fans might be able to step in behind him and make it work later on down the line. As of now, he’s definitely in the running for the role and it’s fair to state that he deserves it since many of his roles have been quite impressive over the last several years and it feels as though he might be the next individual that’s best suited to take the franchise forward.

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