Why It’s Time to Just Leave Tron Alone For Good

As Cooper Hood of Screenrant states, Disney wants to do something with Tron, they just can’t figure out what at this point. Recently a plan to bring a Tron series to the Disney+ sounds as though it’s been scrapped, but no one really knows why. John Ridley, one of the better Hollywood writers available, was penning the script, but it would appear that the decision to not go forward with it has been made by someone higher up, which is confusing really since despite not being an absolute favorite, Tron is still a movie that a lot of people talk about. The latest movie wasn’t exactly a hit, even though the special effects were a lot more advanced, but there’s a lot more to the world of Tron that hasn’t been fully explored yet. With that in mind though it might be time to leave the movie alone and just let it remain as the classic that people remember since so far no one has really hit the mark when it comes to bringing interest back to this idea. Sometimes it’s best to cut your losses and realize when a movie idea just isn’t holding water with the fans, but Disney is usually bound and determined to make things work. It’s a hope that this time they realize that it might be a battle in a snowstorm going uphill twenty miles both way that they’re facing since Tron has a lot of potential, but getting it just right is something that has to happen to really make this idea pop once again.

The most recent movie wasn’t it obviously, but at this point and time it’s enough to think that Tron might be best left alone, at least for a while. There is a lot that can be done with it, but it’s going to take a script and an idea that hasn’t been done before, and possibly an actor that’s going to create an entirely new character that people will be into. Innovation is after all a key element of Tron, so why not use that to lead into another story that has nothing to do with Flynn or his story? Tron could be a legacy that a link to the old idea and the new one, a bridge of sorts to a new set of ideas and new discoveries that can build another world like the one that Flynn had to destroy. There’s a lot of material that can be built upon, but it would need to be somewhat separate from the original Tron if only to to push off from the old idea and pay homage to it while moving forward instead of constantly trying to link up the two in an attempt to reboot the movie again.

Disney has definitely been on a tear when it comes to reviving its older properties as of late and it’s been very telling since their ability to move forward with new ideas hasn’t disappeared, but it’s definitely been skipping over new ideas in order to go back and bring the audience a new version of this or that movie that they’ve already seen. Disney+ is being used as a vehicle to push some of these ideas as the streaming network is being used to expand one idea after another, but Tron really needs to be given a second thought as a series since unless the Mouse House is willing to put some funding into this idea then it could come off as kind of cheesy and less than convincing. With the bar being raised so high already with The Mandalorian and the other shows that are coming to the network it’s important to think about the impact that a show such as Tron could have in a technological era where there’s a great deal of material to be used and a lot of advancements that might be seen to pop up in a series such as this. Back when Tron first came out the technology was severely limited and basically gave us a light show that was set against a dark screen, while the reboot/sequel expanded upon that but gave us what looked like a Lite Brite version of Las Vegas in the middle of a desert wasteland where the sun never came up. In short, Tron really needs an upgrade if anyone is willing to take that chance, and it also needs someone that’s will to take a risk in getting the movie the kind of funding it will need to come off as one of the better shows on Disney+.

It might be time for Disney to just sidle back and realize that not EVERY idea needs to be redone or somehow rebooted or turned into a series. The cash grabs will continue anyway, but driving so many ideas into the ground is just bad business.

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