Who Should Play Doctor Who After Jodie Whittaker’s Exit?

Who Should Play Doctor Who After Jodie Whittaker’s Exit?

Who Should Play Doctor Who After Jodie Whittaker’s Exit?

There’s still a big question to answer when it comes to Doctor Who when it comes to who will take the place of this fan-favorite character and who can possibly make it work in the best way. Plenty of people have been chiming in for a while now, and some even chimed in when Jodie Whittaker first took the job since she wasn’t that well-received to start with given that she was the first woman to take on the lead role of this show. But throughout her time thus far as the noted Doctor she’s been nothing less than great as a lot of fans have come around to accept her and have wondered just who can fill her spot when all is said and done. It’s a fair question really since throughout the history of this show a lot of people have developed one or two favorites or have enjoyed the show no matter who’s in the main role. But these days it feels that people are getting pickier, which means it might need to be someone truly gifted that can take on this role.

Here are a few picks out of the many that might work to replace Whittaker.

5. Rose Matafeo

Considering that she’s a writer as well as an actor it could be that Rose might be able to bring a little extra something to the show that might be interesting to watch since her input might be invaluable and could take the show in a different direction by adding in a few new elements. Plus, the idea that she is a comedic actress might work in order to create a few scenes that might be kind of funny and perhaps even useful in the show. Keeping the Doctor as a woman might be a good idea for a while just to show at least a little diversity, and perhaps thinking about making the Docter a POC at some point would be interesting as well.

4. Richard Ayoade

Richard has done drama and comedy so it’s fair to say that he might not be such a bad pick for this role as he might be able to bring something to the story that could be useful and different enough that people might want to see it. His acting is pretty solid and while he might not be the first pick it sounds like a good idea to keep him in the loop since other fans have had the same idea. While the Doctor isn’t an entirely comedic role it’s easy to think that someone with a great sense of humor might be able to take it on and manage to create another great few years before it’s time to move on again.

3. Michael Sheen

This almost feels like it would be a return to what’s already been done but it would at least be a great pick since Michael Sheen has proven his acting skills time and time again given that he’s been a part of drama, comedy, and action movies alike and can do whatever is needed of him. Some folks might want to see a little more diversity in the show, particularly in the lead role, but it kind of depends on which way those that are in charge of the show want to go when it comes to who will be taking the top spot. Sheen is the kind of guy that can do just about anything and is reliable, so it’s always possible that he might be considered.

2. Michaela Cole

This could be quite interesting really since having a female Doctor Who is a good start, but having a woman of color as the Doctor would be another big step towards creating a diverse character that might hopefully be able to draw the same audience as the show has done in the past. One can imagine at some point that people might want to mention the possibility of having a member of the LGBTQ+ community as the Doctor, but the saying is the same for pretty much anyone. If they can act and they can adapt to the part, then so be it. If not, then don’t cry about not getting the role. But Michaela, who’s been a part of the science fiction community, might have a shot.

1. Jodie Comer

Jodie Comer is kind of on a hot streak after starring in Free Guy, so it’s fair to think that she could be in the running for taking on this role. Some might want to see her there and others might want to see someone else, but the point is that she could have good shot. Her acting skills are definitely good enough and it’s a safe bet that those who are seeking to replace Whittaker are casting their nets far and wide to find someone that can do the work.

Eventually we might find out who’s really being looked at for the role.

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