Who is Mina Roe Designer Lesa Milan?

Who is Mina Roe Designer Lesa Milan?
Who is Mina Roe Designer Lesa Milan?

Credit: @lesa.milan

The Real Housewives franchise began in 2005. At the time, Bravo had no idea that a little show about some housewives living, working, and loving their lives in the wealthy Orange County, California, would change the world. But it did. Since 2005, the world has gotten to know housewives from 11 different cities across the country (and one in Dubai), and it’s fostered several spinoffs (thanks in large part to Lisa Vanderpump herself). Today, the Real Housewives of Dubai is the newest housewife on television, and it’s Mina Roe designer Lesa Milan raving over the fact that she has ties to Beyonce. So, who is Mina Roe designer Lesa Milan?

1. Lesa Milan is Not From Dubai

She might star in the Dubai version of the Housewives franchise, but she was not born and raised in Dubai. She’s Jamaican. The Mina Roe designer lives and works in Dubai, where her husband lives and works. She’s not native.

2. She is a Fashion Designer

She’s the fashion designer and founder behind the wildly successful Mina Roe Brand, and she is proud of it. Though many celebrities and famous women don her designs for their pregnancy, she was especially pleased to learn that Beyonce wore a Mina Roe design to her own 2017 baby shower. Every expectant mother knows her baby shower is the equivalent of a senior prom or even a woman’s wedding during her pregnancy, making this the biggest deal.

Mina Roe is a Specialized Fashion Brand

Mina Roe is a luxury fashion line. Everything Lesa Milan Hall touches is luxurious. However, you may not realize that her brand is strictly fashion for the expectant mother. She’s a designer of luxury maternity clothes – a great niche as maternity clothes are notoriously frumpy and unflattering. But, she’s changing the game with her designs, and there is a dedicated fanbase to Mina Roe worldwide.

Who is Mina Roe Designer Lesa Milan?

Credit: @lesa.milan

4. She is a Proud Family Woman

Her family is the most important thing in Lesa Milan Hall’s life. She is nothing short of proud of every aspect of her home life. Her husband is a millionaire by the name of Richard Hall. He works in real estate development as well as finance. Together, the happy couple shares three lovely children. They are Maximillian, Sebastian, and Kristian. She’s the loving wife and mother to her four favorite people.

5. Beyonce Crashed her Website

The day Beyonce posted a photo of herself in a white Mina Roe off-the-shoulder maxi celebrating her baby shower, the Mina Roe website crashed. Sales have never been better, and the game changed for her. Beyonce, of course, is not the only celebrity to don her style. Model Gigi Hadid favored the Mina Roe brand when she was pregnant. Khloe Kardashian did the same, and many additional stars love the look.

6. She Loves Anyone Who Wears her Designs

If Lesa Milan is out and about and sees you in one of her designs, she’s calling you a rockstar. She loves to see the world’s celebrities rocking her brand, but she also loves to see the everyday woman doing the same. She’s all about women and empowerment, and she will tell you how fabulous you look whether she knows you or not.

7. She’s a Beauty Queen

Before Lesa Milan was a rockstar wife, mom, and business owner, she was also a beauty queen. She participated in pageants in Jamaica, and she did so with ease. She took her time working her way into the pageant world with some success and built a name for herself there before moving to Dubai.

Who is Mina Roe Designer Lesa Milan?

Credit: @lesa.milan

8. She’s Wealthy

Without considering her husband’s wealth, Lesa Milan, her Mina Roe brand, and other business ventures are doing quite well. The reality television star has a net worth of approximately $5 million. Her husband’s net worth is not included in that.

9. She Has Another Business

Her other business is centered around children. She is a woman who founded My Little Makers. It’s a company that creates things designed to provide early educational development for children. The company focuses on toys, books, and even media for kids who are learning during the single most formative years of their lives.

10. She Does not Discuss Her Younger Years

Aside from being Jamaican and having lived in Miami for some time, she doesn’t discuss her life before her husband and sons. She’s the kind of woman who likes to keep her personal life as private as possible, but we wonder. We know nothing about her childhood. We don’t know if she has siblings, we don’t know anything about her parents, and we know nothing about her childhood. However, she’s not shy about discussing her dislike of her costars.

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