Who Are the Biggest Stars in The Little Women Cast?

Who Are the Biggest Stars in The Little Women Cast?
Who Are the Biggest Stars in The Little Women Cast?

Credit: @florencepugh

The 2019 remake of Little Women brought us an ensemble cast. The movie is all about Jo March, a teacher working in New York City in the 1860s. The story includes more than a few dramatic moments, but the way the director tells the story is nothing short of genius. Following the successful release of the film, Little Women went on to earn serious critical acclaim. At the 2020 Academy Awards, the movie brought home the Oscar for Best Costume Design. It didn’t win the award in the other categories in which it was nominated, but it did end up with six nominations this year. The film earned a nomination for best actress and best supporting actress, and it’s important that we discuss the stellar cast of Little Women.

Saoirse Ronan Plays Jo March

Still so young, she’s highly decorated. She’s one of the world’s most talented actresses and one of the most private. She loves her privacy. So far in her career, she’s taken home a Golden Globe win. She’s been nominated four times for an Oscar, and she’s been nominated five times for British Academy Award. She has not won one yet, but she will.

Emma Watson Plays Meg March

When she was a child whose name no one recognized other than ‘the little girl who plays Hermione’ in the Harry Potter series, we didn’t know what she would do with her life. We knew she was sweet, and she played a darling child in a great book-turned-movie franchise. However, we quickly realized that she was more than a cute child star. She went on to successfully become Hermione Granger, but then to become Belle. She’s amazing. She is a young woman who hasn’t had an Oscar or another big nomination, but she will. She’s young, and she will line them up as she continues to work.

Florence Pugh Plays Amy March

She’s one of the actresses in this movie who has been working for a long time, but she didn’t gain much recognition until 2016. Since then, however, she’s been killing it. She’s been cast in some of the most amazing films of the last decade, and she continues to thrive. She’s even been nominated for a BAFTA, though she didn’t win. There is a chance that the 2020s will be her big years, and she’ll end up one of this decade’s most highly decorated actresses. She’s known for taking on challenging roles, and she rocks each and every one of them.

Eliza Scanlen Plays Beth March

She is, perhaps, the least recognizable name in the immediate cast of this movie, but probably not for much longer. Scanlen is so young, but she’s already made a name for herself in the business despite being born in 1999. She is not yet a decorated actress, but she is talented. As her career grows, her award nominations will, too, and she’ll be up there with the likes of some of the world’s most famous women.

Who Are the Biggest Stars in The Little Women Cast?

Credit: @lauradern

Laura Dern Plays Marmee March

Laura Dern is amazing. Every role she takes on is better than the last, and it shows in the number of awards she’s been decorated with. She’s the proud winner of five Golden Globes. She’s got a BAFTA on her award shelf. Perhaps it sits next to her Academy Award or her Emmy.

Timothee Chalamet Plays Laurie

He’s just one more addition to a cast of already incredibly talented people. His status is cemented by the fact that he holds numerous nominations for major awards for many of his projects. He’s been nominated for Academy Awards, Golden Globes, BAFTA, and even a few Screen Actors Guild Awards. Though he is still young and his career is still in its early stages, we imagine he will end up being one of his generation’s most highly decorated actors by the time he’s had a few decades.

Who Are the Biggest Stars in The Little Women Cast?

Credit: The Devil Wears Prada

Meryl Streep Plays Aunt March

Everyone knows Meryl Streep, and everyone adores her. There is not a person alive who can say that she is not talented. She is among the most talented – if not the single most brilliant – actresses alive. She’s one of the leading ladies for many reasons, including the fact that she’s been nominated for and taken home more awards than almost anyone else in the business. For example, did you know she has been nominated for more than 21 Oscars and won three? She has more than 32 Golden Globe nominations, too. We are continuously baffled that she’s not part of the EGOT club, but she still hasn’t won a Tony or a Grammy. She’s been nominated, though.

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