Which Naked and Afraid Cast Members Lost the Most Weight?

Which Naked and Afraid Cast Members Lost the Most Weight?

Which Naked and Afraid Cast Members Lost the Most Weight?

Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid is an American reality TV series that premiered on June 23, 2013. The events of the show focus on a team of two (male and female) who have been placed in extreme environments and are expected to survive for a designated amount of time. The couple meets for the first time naked but are allowed to carry one item each that could be of help during their adventure. To survive their 21-day stay, the team must find a way to build shelters and find food and water. At the end of the 21 days, they then hike to the designated extraction point, where a vehicle or chopper picks them up and returns them to civilization.

While it’s popularly believed that participants on this show do not get paid, casting director Kristi Russell told Channel Guide Magazine in 2015, “We’re taking them away from their job, and we realize that. And so we give them a weekly stipend to compensate for their lost wages.” Although some contestants have stated that they participate in the experience and not the money, it’s satisfying to know there are provisions for compensation. Another major outcome of this adventure is that the participants experience drastic weight loss after dealing with the harsh conditions they’ve been put in. Here are some of the most affected cast members who have lost the most weight on Discovery’s Naked and Afraid.

5. & 4. A Tie between Scott Thompson (Season 8, Ep. 2) and Kaila Donaldson (Season 8, Ep. 4) – 30-pound weight loss

Kaila Donaldson and Scott Thompson

First on this list, or rather last, is Scott Thompson. Thompson is one of two people who lost an astonishing 30 pounds in 21 days. In his featured episode, a retired military man, Scott Thompson, teamed up with his partner to see if they had what it took to survive the South Texas desert. Although the area was rife with wildlife (armadillos, bighorn sheep, wild boar, etc.) and the pair tried their best, the animals were difficult to catch. As a result, the pair had to deal with a significant level of hunger resulting in very noticeable weight loss.

The second holder of the 30-pound weight loss record is Kaila Donaldson. In her episode, the rad mom teamed up with Trevor Rasmussen to endure an Ecuadorian adventure. Unfortunately for the pair, conditions went from wet to soggy in a very short time. For viewers, when faced with such weather, we simply cuddle on our couches with a warm drink and watch some TV. However, being in the wild and left with no clothes on and just two survival tools, things get very difficult.

Thankfully, the survivalists were privy to this information. They could not hunt, and they soon developed cabin fever. Although both participants gave it their best shot, unfortunately, they tapped out on day 18, just 3 days shy of the 21-day mark.

3. Jermaine Jackson (Season 9, Ep. 9) – 31-pound weight loss

Jermaine Jackson in Naked and Afraid

Jermaine Jackson and Teal Bulthuis teamed up for a jaunt in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. The two faced many challenges, like an onslaught of bears, but they reached the 21-day mark. Jackson’s goal was to bag a wild turkey with a bow and arrow while on the show, but it didn’t happen. Many of their hunts were unsuccessful, making the pair hungry for most of their time in the mountains.

2. Gary Golding (Season 9, Ep. 4) – 44-pound weight loss

Gary Golding in Naked and Afraid

There’s a lesson somewhere in Gary Golding’s story. He and his partner‘s challenge was to survive in the Brazilian rainforest. While on a foraging mission, he found a trove of vegetables, but instead of sharing with partner Karra Falkenstein, he gorged himself on the sweet vegetables. Unfortunately for him, Golding ate too many of the vegetables too quickly. This released a ton of serotonin into his nutrient-starved body, and he fell asleep while talking to the camera. A short while later, on day 16, he tapped out because of a medical emergency, and the medics rushed him to the nearest hospital, which was 30 miles away. The doctors told him he’d caught an infection that was eating through his intestinal lining.

1. James Lewis (Season 9, Ep. 7) – 54-pound weight loss

James Lewis in Naked and Afraid

It’s poetic that the largest weight loss in Naked and Afraid history occurred during the infamous, 3-person, double-length episode. James Lewis teamed up with Wes Heustess and Leah McCabe for this challenge in the Nicaraguan jungle. Lewis’s excitement at being selected for the show was evident from the beginning. He’d waited his entire life for an opportunity to take on a challenge like this and made the most of every moment out there. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said of his partners. Heustess tapped out after just 4 days, and McCabe left 4 days later. Lewis, however, stuck it out the entire time and returned home a winner and 54 pounds lighter. Naked and Afraid remains one of television’s best survivalist reality series.

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