Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Containment?”

Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Containment?”

Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Containment?”

You can bet if a show makes a list like this then it’s under speculation or it’s been cancelled, and Containment is no exception. It could have been something of a hit show had it really picked up on the fears of the audience, since quite honestly anything that has to do with disease and loss of freedom or even life is something that attracts a big audience and tends to terrify them to the point of paranoia at times. However given the rampant rise of zombie films and other disaster shows it’s fair to say that the market has been kind of saturated in the recent past and it’s not likely that there’s much room to spare for many others trying to make their mark. For a show or movie dealing with such a subject it really has to pop in order to make any lasting mark, and if it doesn’t then the program is bound to be a limited run.

Let’s see what happened to the cast.

Christina Moses

Christina wasn’t stopped at all after Containment went off the air as she bounced back and found a main role on The Originals that allowed her to settle back into a decent rhythm and continue her career in a way that she saw fit. She doesn’t have a long history before the show but now that she’s confidently striding forward it’s fair to say that she’ll be building a bright future as the years go on.

Claudia Black

Science fiction and fantasy seem to agree with Claudia since she’s been seen prominently in both while still making appearances in real world programs at times. While Containment is one of the last TV projects she’s done in a bit she’s still been busy filming other projects and lending her voice to video games, proving that she’s just as strong when it comes to her career and will not be going away anytime soon. A host of fans would likely cheer this upon realizing that she’s here to stay for a while.

David Gyasi

When it comes to David’s career it seems that Containment is far in the rearview now since he’s been so busy that thinking about the role would have to come when he actually has the down time to do so. Right now he’s still filming other projects and has taken place in others that have kept his career moving forward even if they weren’t the most successful films or shows. But he’s still there and he’s moving forward, which is a positive thing for any actor.

Kristen Gutoskie

Kristen is another actor that didn’t take time to wonder what went wrong as she was already on the ground running towards the next role in her career, finding several as the last few years have gone by and showing that she has ambition and the skill to take up more than one role as she’s been progressively moving herself forward in order to get one role after another. Some people might say that actors who are this continuously busy are simply trying to rack up enough credits to make up for something, but in all honesty it seems that they’re just trying to stay busy like anyone else.

Chris Wood

Chris didn’t take too long to find another role as he made his way over to the CW eventually and hooked up with DC to star in both The Flash and then Supergirl, trying his hand with the superheroes at this time as he’s been doing what he can to be taken as someone that’s there to act and to entertain the audience. So far he’s done a fair job and is growing in his ability and his experience.

Ever notice how there’s not a lot of middle ground for shows like this? They’re either hits or they’re not, meaning that it’s all or nothing when it comes to shows about contagion of any sort. Those that have made it have gone against the grain a lot of times and shown a side of humanity that we don’t want to think exists but are well aware could come out at any time. Yet for all that some shows don’t seem to want to go that fringe, seeming to think that the drama will win out and the act of keeping people and their humanity intact as much as possible will win the day. Unfortunately the average fan wants to see the drama unfold at a later date and will instead want to see just what kind of mess the protagonists can get themselves into before having to fall back and evaluate just how far they’re willing to go when it comes to doing the right thing.

It kind of seems like Containment didn’t want to dig that deep, and it kind of hurt the show in the process.

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