Whatever Happened to Rebecca Staab?

Whatever Happened to Rebecca Staab?

Whatever Happened to Rebecca Staab?

Some actors make themselves known by being part of the supporting cast or taking on important roles here and there that don’t go anywhere but still move the story ahead. Rebecca Staab could be counted as one of those individuals but she could also be said to be someone that has thrived on appearing in a wide variety of shows for one or two episodes, or more, and then moving on. If you’ve watched Port Charles then you know just who she is and either liked her, didn’t like her, or didn’t think much of her since like many roles it was one that she was present in but one that has kind of slipped into the archives like so many others. At this current time she’s still in the business and still keeping up with her career, but she’s about as popular now as she’s been at any point in the past, and while that sound a little rough it’s the truth since she’s been easy to see wherever she ends up, but it’s a matter of how effective she is that really ends up counting. She was in Love Potion No. 9 as a woman at the bar that shut down the male lead of the movie, who was admittedly playing a very insecure lab nerd that didn’t know how to speak to women. Once he and his lab partner came up with a formula that made them irresistible to the opposite sex however Rebecca’s character was all over him, until he shut her down in a similar way, thereby getting his revenge.

She was also given the role of Susan Storm, aka The Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four when a movie about the team was slated to come out in the 90s, but it was never released. If anyone ever got hold of trailer or even a glimpse of it they might figure out why since if anyone thought the movie made in the 2000s were bad, the 90s version was even worse as it looked like something left over from the 80s. Some people praised it but others were of the mind to just forget and move on from what could have been a disastrous mistake. Seriously, the movies in the 2000s were a big step up, while the 2015 version was kind of a step back. Staab has been acting since that time and according to her net worth she’s been hanging on and not much else since she’s not one of the highest-paid individuals in the business, but she hasn’t hit the bargain basement either at this time. In way it’s hard not to say something that might sound cynical and a little crass when talking about people that haven’t done much in the business even if they’ve been around for a couple of decades or more. Some folks simply sit in the background and don’t do much, while others tend to come forward at times but then fade off into the background again. There are those movie that feature folks such as Rebecca and it’s hard to figure out why since they become little more than figureheads that someone might recognize if given a chance. The actors still keep coming back though, doing what they can to hold onto a career that might be headed in gradually downward direction.

The term ‘jobber’ is one that gets lobbed around a time or two in a lot of different areas even if people don’t hear it all that often. It’s not something that is heard around acting all that much since ‘extra’ and ‘supporting actor’ likely sound nicer and don’t give the impression that some folks are just hanging around taking anything they can get since it’s what they know how to do and what they they enjoy doing. For some of those actors though hanging around is basically all they do, while others at least try to better their situation and attempt to get roles that will put them back in a tenable position when it comes to moving upward once again. Rebecca Staab is far from a jobber but she’s much closer than a lot of folks might think since she’s been around for a while and has only ever tasted greatness a few times with a few notable projects. It is easy to say that she is a celebrity since she did reach the level that a lot of people only dream about, which means that she’s afforded a good deal of respect for having made her way to the big time. Apart from that however she’s still more of a supporting actress at this time than anything as this has been her big contribution to the entertainment industry for a long time now. So long as it keeps her happy and paid though, so be it.

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