Whatever Happened to Catherine Oxenberg?

You might recognize Catherine Oxenberg as she’s been around since the 80s and has taken on some fairly popular roles in her time, one of which was none other than Lady Diana, twice. What’s amusing about that is the fact that she’s actually related to English royalty in a manner, though she’s been open about how glad she is not to have a title throughout the length of her career. As she’s said it’s better to walk into a job without the expectation of people knowing that she’s related to royalty and wanting to give her special treatment. It’s very easy to respect a person that doesn’t seek to be treated any differently than anyone else due to who they’re related to, as it means they typically want to earn their way into the business rather than be given special treatment of any kind. Her career in movies hasn’t been all that extensive but she has made many appearances on TV, and has been a model during her time in the spotlight. One could say that she’s been the center of attention in her own sphere of influence for a while, but this could be said of others as well since within each celebrity’s life there is bound to be a certain amount of vanity that is recognized when they attempt to push their career as far as they can. It’s no different with Catherine as this is just a part of the game and how it’s played.

One thing of note in her life however that could have been far more tragic than it turned out was when she and her daughter, India, became involved with a group known as NXIVM, thinking that it would be a great way to learn about being an entrepreneur and could even give her daughter a leg up when it came to working for herself. Unfortunately, as some might have read in the news at the time, NXIVM turned out to be a sex cult, and while Catherine exited the group before she could be drawn in too deep, India stayed. As Amanda Arnold of The Cut writes, Catherine’s struggle to get her daughter back from the group was a hardship she had to endure while attempting to save India from a life spent being little more than a sex slave. Thankfully India managed to leave eventually and Catherine went on to write a book detailing the struggle that she went through to bring her daughter back to safety.

Bringing up a bunch of old names that people may or may not remember might appear odd at times since a lot of people might wonder just who these folks are and why they’re important. Well, a lot of them continue to trend now and again so it’s necessary to remind people who they are and why they’re still worth talking about. A good number of them helped to pave the way in the industry for others while some of them even went so far as to change the industry in positive ways for a lot of people. Any way it’s stated though the fact is that the actors from the past, no matter if they’re still active of retired, have done a great amount of the legwork when it comes to making Hollywood what it is today. With some of them it’s obvious that they love what they’ve been doing since like Catherine they’ll stick in there and manage to hang around for a while. Plus, when it comes to having a net worth of around $25 million it’s that much easier since that kind of money can support a very comfortable lifestyle that can also allow one to take on the jobs they want and fully enjoy their career as they wish. Catherine has done quite well at this point within the industry as she’s managed to become known at one point and made the best of it throughout the years, amassing a fortune and taking on at least a couple of roles that she’ll be remembered fondly for when it comes to her fans.

Plus, her time on Dynasty is another reason why people will be able to recall what she’s done and why she’ll be seen as important for a good while longer. Sometimes the past that people leave in their wake is great enough for many to follow when seeking to discover just why individuals such as Catherine are important. That’s why it’s important to take note of them from time to time and let people know just what’s going on with them, as much as we can, so that others can take up their own research and find a reason to enjoy the past and current works of said individuals. At this time the fact that she’s still active is enough for people to continue to be inspired by her.

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