What We Learned from The Trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League

One thing we’ve definitely learned from the Snyder Cut trailer is that those that were clambering for it are probably wetting themselves with excitement right now since the whole idea of the Snyder Cut was to make the Justice Leauge look a lot more awesome than it ended up being in the theater, and at this point, it does admittedly. But, and maybe this is just the cynicism talking, it almost feels as though we’re being given a little TOO much since to be fair, the new look for Steppenwolf, the appearance of Darkseid, and the fact that the heroes are appearing even more impressive now makes one think that Snyder went all out and attempted to overturn Whedon’s attempt with a movie that’s bound to be overkill since it’s a stunning 4 hours long and will be coming to HBO Max for its premier apparently. Again, it could be something great, which might be enough to revive some kind of faith in the DCEU, but at the same time that’s a pretty high bar to reach for since as low as it went with Man of Steel and Justice League, it was brought back up by Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam, and it would mean that Snyder’s Cut would have to make sense in relation to these movies as well since otherwise anyone with a brain stem is going to realize that fans, those diehard type that will rip anything apart if it doesn’t feel right to them, are going to do just that anyway.

Even the fans that have been waiting for this are going to do their best to rip it to pieces while attempting to sort out every little piece that they can to ‘appreciate’ it as only ‘real’ fans can do. The visuals are already looking pretty cool, but as with just about everything Snyder does they’re also looking dark and shadowed since he doesn’t appear to know how to do things any other way. If there’s one pet peeve with the DC movies that Snyder has done it’s that he doesn’t appear to know how to use anything but shadows to highlight anything, and some might say that this is because he’s coming from a darker place, but without bringing family tragedy into this it’s very likely that shadows could be used as they naturally are for one movie at least so that we can get a greater sense of contrast than Snyder typically gives. It does appear that the heroes are going to get more of a backstory, as this is pretty easily done with such a long movie. Cyborg will be shown in a couple of different ways, as will the Flash, and even Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman will be given their retrospective moments. Those are the bits that are kind of worrying really since it feels as though there might be a ton of exposition coming at the expense of any real action since despite what was shown in the trailer it’s very possible that the few seconds per scene shown we’re really only going to see a brief flash of action, no pun intended, followed by a great deal of exposition.

That might sound unkind, but hopefully, it sounds truthful as well since unless Snyder packed a lot more action into his version it’s bound to happen that there will be more talking, more walking, and a lot less hero vs. villain or hero vs. hero, depending on how the resurrection of Superman is going to be handled this time around. It’s kind of a wonder how many things are going to be changed and how much is going to be added since tacking on that much running time to this movie is bound to go one way or the other, and with Snyder’s history in the DCEU, it almost feels like it could go down a very dark, literally dark, road that will eventually end in a Justice League victory but still a movie that’s a lot less than people were hoping for. The Justice League that was already released is, to many people, easily disavowed since too many fans didn’t like what they saw and the overall effect was pretty lackluster. But if the trailer is an accurate indication of what’s coming then it could be that the DCEU might have found a way to revive itself a bit or crash and burn into an even darker pit than it had already found. Time is going to tell and fans will be the ones to give the thumbs up or down since critics aren’t nearly as reliable as many would like. It’s going to be interesting to see how things turn out when the Snyder Cut is released, especially if people get what they want and then find out that it’s not really what they wanted.

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