What We Learned from The Letterkenny Season 9 Trailer

Letterkenny season 9 is going to be a bit crazy, can we just agree on that? It already looks like the Canadian program is going to be something that will keep people laughing when they don’t have a seriously confused look on their face as to why things are happening the way they’re happening and are considered to be normal enough that folks will simply shrug their shoulders and keep going. That’s the allure, of course, the ability to deadpan this well and make it work in a manner that can keep a story moving forward while heaping more and more material on top in order to keep the hilarity going in as smooth of a manner as possible so that people won’t have to deal with a sudden break that will leave them confused and possibly a little upset since they have nowhere else to turn. But seriously, some things about this season already appear to be a bit insane on a level that one can’t really come to grips with right away since it’s easier to think that they’ll do so upon watching the season so that they have a better understanding of what they just saw. Let’s just take a guess and say that those that have been watching the show for a while will be ready to get back in the groove while those that are new converts might want to brush up on previous seasons in order to really understand what’s going on and why that slack-jawed look they’ve been giving is entirely understandable.

There is the mention of a few things that are kind of disturbing, such as the lack of amazement that one would hit on their cousin, but hey, if we were going to rag on one show for something disturbing we’d have to get on a lot of different shows for different things. But what this show and this season are giving away already in the trailer is that things are going to be about the same, which is fairly unpredictable but at the same time kind of easy to guess at since the whole idea behind the show is one that makes it clear that while Letterkenny appears to be a bumpkin town, the truth is that a lot of the characters are pretty smart and more than a little witty since they’re bound to think up a comeback to just about anything on the spot and can discuss a wide variety of topics that show that they have a range of interests that might not have a lot to do with their small town, but are still relevant enough to talk about from time to time. In a big way the deadpan humor of this show is what saves it since otherwise, it does feel as though it would fall flat in a New York minute, as the saying goes.

Humor has definitely changed over the years and has taken on quite a few different facets as it’s gone along. Some might see this as a negative and think that things were a lot funnier when they were less complicated and didn’t rely on crude humor and other aspects that are favored by a lot of those that happen to think that Letterkenny and other shows like it rely on. But the fact is that humor, like many aspects of show business, is a transitional thing and tends to change with each coming generation since what was funny back in the day might not be funny any longer, at least not until it’s allowed to evolve and become something else. If one really takes a good look at what humor was like just a few decades ago and compares it to this they might see without any difficulty that some things haven’t changed, while others have either changed for the better or have changed in accordance with what the majority of viewers want to see. While the audience might not have all the power or even half the power they think they have, the truth is that ratings are how shows survive, and ratings are influenced by how many people continue to watch one show or another. The cost of a show has to be able to be justified in order to keep it going, otherwise, the money dries up and people will move on.

So far, Letterkenny is the kind of show that survives on its wit and the irony that it’s built upon. But the fact is that it’s also just plain funny to those that can stand the change of pace and the constant deadpan humor that takes a bit of time to get used to. This coming season should be something that people can get behind since it’s not really changing that much, if at all, and is keeping to the formula that’s already been devised.

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