What We Learned from the Jack Ryan Season 2 Trailer

Jack Ryan Season 2

The trailer for the second season of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan has just dropped and it looks as if this season will be just as action packed as the first. The trailer is only on for just over a minute but it does reveal some interesting details about what to expect from season two. Some of the key reveals from the trailer are discussed below.

It Is Set In Venezuela

As in the first season, Jack’s mission takes him all over the world. However, a lot of the action takes place in Venezuela. Fans may have been expecting Russia to be the setting as this is where Ryan and Greer were headed at the end of the last season. The official synopsis of the show states that Jack Ryan will undercover a conspiracy involving the Venezuelan President that has far reaching consequences for the United States. Den Of Geek has a more detailed view of what will happen in this new season. Venezuela will be portrayed as a country that is on the brink of chaos due to the actions of the President. Jack will need to try and thwart the President’s plan to try and bring some order back to Venezuela and also to prevent any consequences for the United States.

Jack Gets In On A Lot Of The Action

The trailer confirms that Jack Ryan’s days as an analyst behind a desk are well and truly over. Some of the scenes show him jumping out of a plane and taking part in a rooftop chase. Some fans think that the trailer looks more like that of a movie than a TV show because of all the stunts involved. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing as it keeps things interesting and makes people invested in the action that is taking place in the show.

There Are Some New Faces

There are some new faces in the trailer that we have not seen before. It has been confirmed that Naomi Roopace and Michael Kelly will be joining the cast for the second season. There will also be some familiar faces from the first season with John Krasinski, Wendell Pierce and Abbie Cornish all reprising their roles. John Krasinski was reportedly the first person to sign on for season two as the producers did not want to recast the role.

There Is No Official Release Date Yet

The trailer simply says that the new season is coming soon, so we have no idea what the release date actually is yet. It is expected that there may be more trailers which give away more details before a release date is announced. It is expected that Amazon will air the season at some point in 2019, rather than waiting until 2020. Amazon have also given the green light for a third season and it is possible that this could air a year later than season two.

You can view the trailer at Rolling Stone and the accompanying article gives away some more details about the upcoming season. Fans can expect the same sort of action that they got in the first season, but the story will be completely different and will build on the things about Jack that we have learned in season one.

Carlton Cuse, the co-creator of the show, has said that the aim with this season was to make each episode like a feature film. He believes that there is a real story to tell throughout this season and he wanted to make it as cinematic as possible. The situations that Jack Ryan finds himself in are often very dramatic and this lends itself well to the type of filming that is often seen at the cinema. You could just as easily be watching a blockbuster movie as you could a TV show. Amazon have more scope in terms of the money they have available for their original programming than traditional networks do and this means we are now seeing a whole different type of TV show.

Another thing that the writers wanted to do with this new season was to ensure that it didn’t matter if viewers had seen the first season. While there will be some references to the events that have happened before, you will still be able to keep up with what is unfolding in the current season. They wanted to keep things the same way as they are in the books, in that you could read any book and enjoy it without necessarily having to read them all in order.

This second season started being planned back in October 2017. The show got the go ahead for a second season fairly early on during the first season and so the producers have had plenty of time to think about the direction they want the show to take. They told Hollywood Reporter that it was important to them that the relationship between Ryan and Greer continued into the second season. There will be a slight change in the dynamic between the two men, due to them both having different jobs. However, the fact that they work so well together and the trust that exists between them is not going to change.

Fans who have read the Jack Ryan books will know that he ultimately ends up as President of the United States, but this is a route that the TV show is not planning to go down. The shows will portray the fact that his skills are constantly evolving but this does not always mean that he will be gaining promotions. The producers know that fans of the show enjoy seeing Jack in the thick of the action when his back is really against the wall.

If you want to catch up on the first season, then all episodes are currently available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon have not yet revealed whether the episodes from season two will all be available to view immediately or whether they will be released on a weekly basis.

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