What We Know about the Darth Maul Disney Plus Show So Far

What We Know about the Darth Maul Disney Plus Show So Far

What We Know about the Darth Maul Disney Plus Show So Far

Somehow it is possible to fall in love with the bad guy in a story and despite being kind of a tragic figure Darth Maul is still one of the worst since he tends to be among the most vicious of Sith that ever were. In a head to head collision it’s still up for debate as to who would come out on top, Darth Maul or Darth Vader, but a lot of people still think that Vader holds the edge since he was a powerful Jedi that was turned to the ways of the Sith and as such retains the kind of power that might have crushed Maul had he remained a Jedi. But in any case it does sound as though Darth Maul might be making his way towards Disney+ since as Matt Joseph of We Got This Covered states he’s been horribly underused given that he’s such an awesome character. A lot of people made the claim that he’s something of a Force ninja from the way he moves and the tactics he displays, and it’s not hard to agree with that assessment since Maul is a very impressive guy despite being the villain. In fact throughout the long history of Star Wars he’s not the most powerful Sith, but he is one of the most flashy and overly aggressive.

There are a lot of things that people don’t know about Maul before and after his defeat at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi, and hopefully a show of his own would include a good number of flashbacks to when Palpatine managed to select him as an apprentice to when he reunited with his brother Savage. The timeline is still a little sketchy at this point since the show has been dreamed up but the details are still sparse. But it would be a lot of fun to see Maul in all his glory and see him take on a few other Jedi as he’s done in various stories, not to mention take on the Nightsisters and even the Black Sun syndicate. Wherever this guy is sent there’s about to be one heck of a ruckus, and the only ones that can stand up to him are those of equal or greater power more often than not, or very, VERY lucky Jedi that somehow get the drop on him. It’s time for people to see just how great this character can really be and if Ray Park wants to return to claim the role it’d be great since he pulled off the look quite well throughout his time in The Phantom Menace and even looked imposing during his brief stint in Solo. There are likely others that could make this look work for them and could even become even greater and more vicious versions of Maul, but Park was the guy that helped to bring this new character to life and as such is the guy that should be given the first chance. Kofi Outlaw of Comic Book has another take on this matter.

There’s a lot to tell about Maul really since he was picked by Palpatine as an apprentice and taught the ways of the Sith and given his tattoos that make him look extra fierce. One might wonder why Palpatine doesn’t sport the same tattoos, but the reality is that a lot of the Sith didn’t opt for the ritualistic tattoos that would make them stand out. Maul was a secretive character and could therefore adopt the look without drawing any attention, especially given that he was used as an assassin. But a lot of people are likely going to want to see what happened to Maul after he was cut in half and be given an explanation of how he survived. This was all taken care of during the animated series but in live action it would probably be a lot more impressive since the lengths he had to go to, going insane at one point, might make even more of an impact than the animated show could. Plus there are a few different stories that can be told about Maul so it’s likely that the writers are going to be mulling over just which direction to go and where the notorious villain will be headed for the duration of his own show. One thing is clear though: he really, REALLY needs to meet up with Obi-Wan again as a finale, if only because the animated show and a graphic novel have set it up, and a final showdown would be nothing less than awesome, especially since Obi-Wan is getting his own show as well. Imagine how many Star Wars fans are already thinking of this and how great it could possibly be. Eric Diaz of Nerdist would likely agree with this assessment. The final, epic clash between two highly skilled warriors and a finale that would put to rest one of the most popular Sith lords would be absolutely fitting.

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