What To Expect From Future Valiant Comic Book Film and TV Projects

What To Expect From Future Valiant Comic Book Film and TV Projects

Look out Marvel and DC, there’s a new comic book world in town! This month sees the release of the Vin Diesel-starring Bloodshot, the first in a potential series of films based on Valiant comics. Anyone expecting a fully-fledged Valiant Cinematic Universe  however, will be somewhat disappointed, as the other major part of the Valiant Comic Book world, Harbinger, left Sony to be picked up by Paramount.  Nonetheless, independent of Bloodshot’s success, we could expect to see a variety of Valiant comics down the road. While these projects are not fully in production yet, here are some things that we could expect from Valiant-based films. Read on to see which kind of unique superheroes we could see adorning multiplexes worldwide. The first thing you might be asking yourself is:

Who Are Valiant Comic Books?

Valiant Comics, while not as well known as DC and Marvel, are a respected group of comic books that began in 1989 when former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Jim Shooter broke away from the company to form his own publisher. With one of the most sophisticated cross-over narratives after the two main publishers, Valiant are frequent awards winners with hundreds of different characters. Dan Mintz, CEO of DMG Entertainment, who now own Valiant, believes that they “one of the top untapped IPs right now” with a series of different films in the pipeline. 

Harbinger Is The Other Major Franchise Pull

The original idea for the VCU was to start with a Harbinger movie, followed by a Bloodshot movie, then a crossover film. This plan was scuppered once Harbinger moved over to Paramount, but it’s likely they will develop their own film. After all, the Harbingers, who appear in nearly every comic, are the cornerstone of Valiant Comics; making them a type of X-Men-like heroes.

Possessed with psychokinetic powers, the Harbingers emerged after Solar created the Valiant Universe. Initially, they were supposed to be intermittently powerful, but this soon changed when Toyo Harada started the Harbinger Foundation, designed to help police the world. Naturally, some other Harbingers, led by Peter Stanchek (better known as Sting), were against the all-powerful nature of this foundation, so started the Harbinger resistance.

Attached to the comic is the relatively unknown director Justin Tipping, who wrote the screenplay along with Joshua Beirne-Golden and Eric Hiesserer. The Maze Runner’s Dylan O’Brien, as well as To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’s Noah Centineo might star. The rest of the details are still fairly scant.

Plus Size Superheroes

Do you want to see a plus-size female superhero film? Well you have got to have Faith. Literally. Sony Pictures are still developing an adaptation of the Faith comic book series, which focuses on one of the most iconic of the Harbinger superheroes. Raised by her grandmother following the death of her parents, she finds comfort in fantasy worlds, such as comic books and science fiction movies. Upon contact with the Harbinger Foundation, she discovers that she has secret powers and becomes a key member of that franchise.

She is also something of a body positive icon, with her tight jumpsuit fully showing off her fat body. Her explosion onto the film scene should coincide well with today’s body-positive attitudes. Maria Melnik, the scribe behind American Gods, has been hired to write the film, while other details remain scant. One could imagine Rebel Wilson or Amy Schumer in the lead role.

Quantum and Woody TV Series

Inspired by Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes’ back-and-forth in White Men Can’t Jump, Quantum and Woody are the creation of writer Christopher Priest and Illustrator M.D. Bright. Although originally created in the 90s, in the rebooted 2010s version, they are adoptive brothers who are brought together by the mysterious death of their father. While looking for the killer however, they are imbued with mysterious powers, including the ability to shoot energy and generate shields. There’s a catch however, with the unlikely pair having to slam their metal wristbands together every 24 hours to avoid being dissolved.

The last reports regarding the project state that a TV show is being developed for TBS by none other than Anthony and Joe Russo. Additionally, Spy’s Mike Lorocca will executive produce while Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari are writing the pilot. Any release date so far is unknown.

A Dr. Mirage Series

The CW are no stranger to comic book series. Soon they may have another franchise on their belt with a potential Dr. Mirage series. Annabelle’s Gary Dauberman will write the TV adaptation and also executive produce, alongside CBS TV studio. Other details surrounding this production also remain relatively scarce.

The first incarnation of the character is Hwen Fong, a Paranormal Investigator who works alongside his wife Carman. Upon encountering the evil necromancer Master Darque, he gained the ability to harness something known as Darque Power: a black magic given off by all creatures when they die. This power allows characters to communicate with the dead and to spirit walk. The character was later rebooted with Shan Fong as Doctor Mirage who inherited the abilities from her late husband. Which option the TV series will choose is still unknown.

Archer & Armstrong Film

Ruben Fleischer, the director behind Zombieland and Gangster Squad, is tapped to direct this action buddy duo comedy, while Terry Rossio of Pirates of the Caribbean is set to write the screenplay. They are a classic duo: while the former is a disciplined warrior, Armstrong is a drunken lothario. These films are expected to follow Bloodshot, although that will be dependent upon the success of the Vin-Diesel starring film.


Another yet to be realised Valiant film is Shadowman. Last we heard Reginald Hudlin was attached to direct, based on a screenplay by J. Michael Straczynski and Adam Simon. While no star is attached, this could be fascinating as Shadowman, born in the dark, haunted streets of New Orleans, is a rare black superhero, with Ice Cube once attached to play the main role. 

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