What Movies Get Wrong about Security Guards

What Movies Get Wrong about Security Guards

What Movies Get Wrong about Security Guards

Security guards don’t often get a lot of respect, but in the movies, they tend to get quite a bit, and then some since they become individuals that somehow manage to save the day and aren’t chewed out for disregarding their safety and that of anyone else that they might have involved in their desire to be seen as the hero. A lot of times a security guard is some poor stiff that’s being paid a minimum wage to guard something that’s more valuable than their paycheck could ever be, and a lot of them aren’t even given much more than a radio to use if they’re in trouble. There are some security guards out there that are able to claim that what they do is important work and that they’re given a great responsibility given what they watch over and what they handle on a daily basis. But a lot of them tend to be the types that are right out of high school or are dropouts that needed a job and wanted something that’s not too labor-intensive. While the job of a security guard isn’t that glamorous, there are times when it’s still fairly important, but not so important that they’re given the type of authority that the movie conveys.

Here are a few things that the movies get wrong about security guards.

5. They will guard whatever they’re being paid to guard with their life. Truthfully, it’s a job, not a calling.

The general idea is that a security guard will put themselves at risk for whatever it is they’re guarding. This isn’t really the case, they’re there because they’re getting paid, plain and simple. For a lot of those that put on the security guard uniform, it’s likely that this job isn’t their first choice and that it was something they figured that they could do with little to no training since it’s not necessarily a highly skilled position. Without trying to offend anyone, a security guard is essentially someone that’s there to collect a paycheck and make sure that people don’t get too rowdy, they won’t be laying their life down for your store.

4. A lot of security guards are hoping to become cops. Nope, usually, it’s just a job.

The idea is that some folks will want to use this as a springboard to launch themselves into a career as a police officer. Some might go into a job like this with that goal in mind, but a lot of them are just looking for a job, period. Those that actually want to find their way onto the police force will typically find a way to get there without having to go through a job like this since it’s not going to help their chances that much, given that a lot of people don’t have the same respect for security guards as some do. Those that do take that next step to become a police officer are usually those that have exhausted every other option and feel the need for experience.

3. All security guards are essentially the same. No, some of them actually do have an important job.

Before it sounds as though we’re bringing every security guard down to the gritty reality, there are some guards that are deserving of a bit more respect since they do tend to guard items and buildings that are quite valuable and needed within society. Of course, a lot of the time these positions will be held by those that have done time in the military or were police officers at one time. The kind of goods and services that require this level of guarding tend to call upon those that have more than a high school education and a decent work record, since being asked to guard something that’s actually of great value is usually undertaken by someone that knows how to handle a gun.

2. Security guards will only call the cops when things get serious. Quite a few will call the cops at the drop of a hat.

As was mentioned above, these guards aren’t there to play hero, and they’re not trained to play the hero. In the movies, some of them might have enough common sense to call the cops, but a lot of them will think that it’s perfectly okay to go Rambo or Dirty Harry and tussle with those that are trying to break the law. This is one of the worst mistakes that anyone can make since unless they’ve received some type of training and know-how to deal with various problems, it’s bound to happen that a $12/hr. guard is going to make a huge mess of things and only worsen the situation.

1. Security guards are given authority over an area. That’s kind of funny because more often they don’t have any more authority than a regular employee.

In many cases that’s what a security guard is, another paid employee that has a different function than the rest of their coworkers. They might have a different uniform and even a radio or possibly something non-lethal to carry with them, but that’s about it. Apart from their uniform, they tend to still work for whatever store or establishment they protect just like anyone else.

They’re important, but they’re not cops, and let’s leave it at that.

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