What Kind of Salary do “The Price is Right” Models Make?

If you follow the likes of Amber Lancaster and her friends on social media, you might wonder where she makes her money. She’s an influencer, a mom, a model, and she’s got a good gig with “The Price is Right,” as a model. She shows off the prizes, she makes people happy, and she seems to have the best job in the world. She has a great house, a cute baby boy – and a tragic birth story – and she’s making sure she lives every single moment of her life like it’s the best. But, it also leaves many fans asking how these models afford their comfortable California lifestyles.
Is it the work they do on the side or does their “Price is Right,” salary make it possible? Because it seems like a dream job being glam and showing off prizes while being pretty, we thought we might look into what it pays to be a model on everyone’s favorite (and long-lived) game show.

Models Make Money

It’s a six-figure situation for these models. According to sources online, the “Price is Right,” models earn approximately $100,000 per season for their work on the show. Of course, each model has a different contract, a different agent, and a different salary. There are various factors associated with how much money each of the models make, and each one has a different story. Here’s what we mean:

  • Days worked: No two models work every single day on every single taping of the show. What does this mean? It means they don’t get paid on days they don’t work. That makes sense.
  • Contracts: Every model has a different contract. While we aren’t familiar with the specifics of each of their contracts, we can assume that a model who is brand-new to the show is not making nearly as much money as one who has been around since 2009 like Manuela Arbelaez. She’s a constant figure on the show, so it would make sense she’d made more than a model who hasn’t been around nearly as long.

Day Rates are Good

Most of the models on the show make around $800 per day filming. Of course, the show does not film every single day of the week all year. They film certain days, and they often film more than one show per day. They get up, they go to work, have their hair and makeup done, and they get to change their wardrobe on a regular basis. Sometimes, the models film as many as three shows per day, so their take-home pay that day might not be what it looks like on the same day that they work on two shows.

Other Jobs

Just because we’re telling you that a “Price is Right,” model might make six figures from her job on this show doesn’t mean that she’s not making a lot more than that. In fact, most of the models around here are working outside of this job, too. It’s not an every single day of the week 9 to 5 kind of job, so there is plenty of room in the schedule for models to make a lot more money. Many of them work in print ads. Many work on shows. Many work in magazine spreads. Many work on campaigns. Going back to models like Amber Lancaster, she also works as a social media influencer. She has hundreds of thousands of social media followers, and she works every single day on her account shilling items from Vicidolls and their clothing collections. She earns a commission for every click and every item sold, and she’s making a lot of money from those ads.

Job Happiness

Something else that we can see going on around this show is that these women love their jobs. They get to take part in something so much fun, and who doesn’t love going to work when people are literally thrilled to be there every single day? Manuela Arbelaez recently made a huge mistake at work by accidentally giving away the price of a car, which allowed the contestant to get the price correct and win the prize, but no one was upset. The show, Drew Carey, and everyone else all treated her with kindness and respect following her huge mistake. You see, people are allowed to make mistakes. We are only human, and everyone messes up every so often. She made a mistake, her employers did not make a huge deal of it, and she’s still gainfully employed and having a good time working. It seems that job security and happiness are both things that these models have at work, and those are things that are priceless.

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