The Voice 06.04 Recap: Blake Shelton Tightens Up The Race

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The fourth night of the bling auditions on NBC’s hit show The Voice saw resident country singer Blake Shelton get himself back in the game after a slow start in the first three shows. As we all know, each coach (Shelton, Adam Levine, Shakira and Usher) will have 12 singers on their team before it’s all said and done. Going into the episode, Levine and Usher had seven singers, Shakira had six, and Shelton only had four.

Shelton worked early snatching up fauxhawk bearing, Pink singing Megan Ruger. Usher moved next grabbing 20-year old landscaper and former baseball player Morgan Wallen from Shakira. Shakira hit the button right out of the gate and Usher waited, but landed the singer. Shakira grabbed two more singers with promise in Dani Moz and Music Box (cool name right?), while Shelton went the young route that has proven to be successful by grabbing high schooler Lexi Luca.

One of the bigger wins of the night was Shakira grabbing Emily B, an Idaho-born session singer, that has appeared Cee Lo’s Christmas Album among other projects. She earned three chairs and high praise from Levine who said her finally note was “massive”.

Usher struck next with 19-year old Texan Stevie Jo, who sang Usher’s song “There Goes My Baby”. Defending champion Levine, who was quiet all night, finally made a push for the evenings final contestant, Audra McLaughlin, a Philadelphia-born singer, who grabbed his attention right away. Her performance earned her all four chairs, and was left to pick a coach. However, it was Shelton who said Audra outdid his wife, Miranda Lambert, singing one of her favorite songs “Angels from Montgomery”. That was good enough to seal the deal.

Big night for Shelton (who sold his wife out!)

[Photo via NBC]

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