‘Venom’ Production Delayed Another Month: Is This Really Happening?

‘Venom’ Production Delayed Another Month: Is This Really Happening?

It comes to no surprise, however surprising that it took this long, for anyone to make a movie–lest an entire universe–revolving around a comic book villain. We’ve seen plenty of interesting and impressive villainous characters through the years that are well rounded enough to carry on a big flick without a superhero to anchor onto. Sony films’ first attempt into a villain movie is supposed to star one of the comic world’s most infamous characters: Venom.

We know Venom’s character as Spiderman’s ultimate archenemy, but many people outside the comic book world know that Spiderman was actually the very first host of the Venom Symbiote. After Spiderman detached himself from the symbiote, it merged with other hosts, particularly Eddie Brock, the one who will later on become the Venom as we know him. Brock/Venom will be played by none other than Tom Hardy, one of the first propellers of the production of this film.

When Hardy got on board to star in the film, everything seemed to be falling into place. Other actors, Riz Ahmed for one, signed on to the film as well, but we aren’t sure for which character just yet. There are speculations that he might play Carnage. Ruben Fleischer signed on to direct the film, and production was set to begin earlier this month. This date was pushed back to the end of the month, and we’re now just finding out that production for Venom won’t begin until next month in October.

Some claim that Sony is still scouting for the perfect location to shoot considering places such as New York and Atlanta and possibly San Francisco. Others are saying that they’re still working on the full cast, which will include the likes of She-Venom. Whatever it is that we’re waiting on, we’re doing ever so patiently. The movie is scheduled to be released on October 5, 2018, a little over a year from now, and that’s not really much compared to how large production superhero movies take at least a couple of years before release.

There are rumors that Sony will be using the same type of platform to release a few smaller scale comic book films to highlight unusual characters. They will also approach the filmmaking in a different light, possibly diversifying the genre of each film as it fits. Venom, with the nature of its origin and story, makes sense as a horror/sci-fi film more than it would as an action movie. We still don’t know what story Sony will be unfolding about the Venom, but we’re sure it’ll be outside Spiderman’s story for now.

Whatever direction it is that Sony is taking, we’re just glad it started off Tom Hardy playing the lead. We’re sure there’ll be plenty of hosts for the symbiote to merge with, which offers plenty of story lines to follow. We’ll be looking out for any further information, as should you, once production commences to figure out what kind of movie Venom is going to be and ultimately, how it’s going to play into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if at all.

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