The Five Best Danny Glover Movies of his Career

It’s interesting to note that Danny Glover worked as a city administrator before becoming an actor. In fact he’s said that he didn’t find the transition all that difficult when he made his way to the stage and then in front of the camera. Watching him act you’d think he’d been born a natural since he’s so comfortable in front of the camera that it’s easy to think that he was doing this kind of thing since he was young. But no matter when he started Glover managed to develop a career that has spanned decades and given us some very interesting characters that have managed to firmly place him as one of the better actors of his time and possibly as a legend in his own right. He’s one of the many that can make you absolutely hate his character or love them, there’s not a lot of middle ground there.

Here are some of the best movies of his career.

5. Witness

When a young Amish boy witnesses a murder in a men’s room he barely escapes. Since he can identify both killers he needs to be placed under Witness Protection, but instead of relocating from his home an agent is placed in Amish country in order to keep him safe and able to testify when need be. However the plot only thickens when corruption in the police force points to officers that know something about the murder, as those that committed the act are members of law enforcement and are attempting to cover it up. The agent has to do his best to stay undercover but eventually the killers learn where he’s at anyway.

4. Silverado

It’s interesting how a band of strangers can come together for a cause, but in the tales of the old west this seems to have been something quite common since the every-man-for-himself routine didn’t allow a person to last all that long. In banding together people had strength and solidarity, even if they couldn’t stand each other at all times. When this bunch of cowboys get together they find that their woes are tied together by a common enemy that they eventually band together to stand against as that enemy is threatening something or someone that’s near and dear to each of them and isn’t going to be moved except by force.

3. The Color Purple

It’s hard to know how to feel about Mr. Johnson without really just hating the guy since he was kind of a villain in his own right. But for some reason there are moments in the film when he doesn’t seem absolutely evil, though those moments are easily washed over by the fact that the character was someone you might want to see receive the kind of justice that wouldn’t exactly be right but would be satisfying when it comes to one person hurting another. This film was absolutely visceral in its delivery and was one that stuck with people for a long time after watching it. Out of all his films this was perhaps one of the more intriguing roles he’s taken.

2. Angels in the Outfield

When a young boy prays to God for the Angels to win the pennant someone decides to listen and the next thing he knows he’s seeing angels on the field helping the ballplayers in the most spectacular of ways. Of course in this day and age you can imagine that the officials would be calling for drug tests if someone put his arm through an outfield wall going after a ball or was seen to fly through the air as though he was performing his own wire stunts. That being said though this was kind of a touching movie that was sappy in some places but very emotional in others. And hey, it gave Tony Danza a great role to play.

1. Lethal Weapon

Roger just wanted to retire. He’d done his duty, put in his time, and he was looking forward to relaxing for a while as he basked in the glow of his long career as it ended. But then Riggs showed up and a homicide occurred that kind of put the kibosh on those plans. To make matters even worse Riggs turned out to be a serious headcase that he had to deal with since he was partnered with him and therefore had to put up with him and all his eccentricities. The startling thing however is that Riggs started to grow on him and by the end of the movie they were more than partners, they were becoming good friends as well. That might tend to happen if you rescue your partner and his daughter from a band of mercenaries that are intent on torturing you all to death.

Maybe at this point he can honestly say that he’s too old for this….well, you know.

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