Vanderpump Rules Season Finale: What is Scheana Marie Going to Reveal?

Does anyone else find it a little funny how Tom has said he doesn’t have enough money to fly his family out for the wedding but has a $50,000 wedding bill?  That should set the tone for the Vanderpump Rules season finale tonight on Bravo.   Should Schwartz be afraid of marriage?  Obviously.  I don’t know Kate personally and I think I’m terrified of her.   The other question regarding Schwartz is “how is he going to react to LVP’s proposal?  Here’s a glimpse of what we can expect tonight

Lisa officiates the woodsy elegant ceremony that only Katie and Tom could pull off. Jax re-evaluates his relationship with Brittany, and Ariana considers taking her relationship to the next step with Sandoval. Meanwhile, Lisa offers the Toms the business opportunity of a lifetime, but Schwartz fears making two commitments in one day. Finally, Scheana reveals a dark secret about her marriage that will change the rest of her life.

While all eyes all be on the wedding tonight, it’s going to be overshadowed by Scheana.  She’s the one picking up headlines all week this week and the bomb she’s going to drop on this show should be significant.  Don’t forget to tune in at 9pm.  The finale promises to be a good one.

Here’s the preview:

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