Valheim Weapons and How to Craft Them

Valheim weapons

Valheim is the current most-popular game on Steam right now with over 5 million active players and just as many weapons too! Okay, maybe not that many. With so many options to choose from when it comes to weapons, armor, and items, it’s impossible to know every single one off the top of your head (at least for the average player). Luckily, you don’t have to memorize all of the weapons as we’ve got a list of them right here! Unfortunately, you’ll still need to repair tools and weapons alike, so you’ll definitely need to keep some of these recipes handy if you are a pretty active weapons-user. With all of this being said, what are the Valheim weapons? How do you craft them, and what are the items spawn codes?

Blunt Weapons

  • Club
    • 6 Wood
    • Item Spawn Code: Club
  • Bronze Mace
    • 4 Wood, 8 Bronze, 3 Leather scraps
    • Item Spawn Code: MaceBronze
  • Iron Mace
    • 4 Wood, 20 Iron, 3 Leather scraps
    • Item Spawn Code: MaceIron
  • Porcupine
    • 5 Fine wood, 20 Iron, 5 Needle, 10 Linen thread
    • Item Spawn Code: MaceNeedle
  • Frostner
    • 10 Ancient bark, 30 Silver, 5 Ymir flesh, 5 Freeze gland
    • Item Spawn Code: MaceSilver
  • Stagbreaker
    • 20 Core wood, 6 Deer trophy, 2 Leather scraps
    • Item Spawn Code: SledgeStagbreaker
  • Iron Sledge
    • 10 Ancient bark, 30 Iron, 4 Ymir flesh, 1 Draugr Elite trophy
    • Item Spawn Code: SledgeIron

Enough about these boring blunt weapons, let’s take a look at the Combat Axes in Valheim!

Combat Axes

  • Battleaxe
    • 30 Ancient bark, 35 Iron, 4 Leather scraps
    • Item Spawn Code: Battleaxe

So far, we’ve only got a single combat axe, but we’ve got plenty of knives to test out in Valheim, let’s take a look!


  • Flint Knife
    • 2 Wood, 4 Flint, 2 Leather scraps
    • Item Spawn Code: KnifeFlint
  • Copper Knife
    • 3 Wood, 8 Copper
    • Item Spawn Code: KnifeCopper
  • Abyssal Razor
    • 4 Fine wood, 20 Chitin, 2 Leather scraps
    • Item Spawn Code: KnifeChitin
  • Blackmetal Knife
    • 4 Fine wood, 20 Black metal, 5 Linen thread
    • Item Spawn Code: KnifeBlackMetal

Moving on from the knives, we’ve got a few swords we can take a look at and swing around all day in Valheim including:


  • Bronze Sword
    • 2 Wood, 8 Bronze, 2 Leather scraps
    • Item Spawn Code: SwordBronze
  • Iron Sword
    • 2 Wood, 20 Iron, 3 Leather scraps
    • Item Spawn Code: SwordIron
  • Silver Sword
    • 2 Wood, 40 Silver, 3 Leather scraps, 5 Iron
    • Item Spawn Code: SwordSilver
  • Blackmetal Sword
    • 2 Fine wood
    • 20 Black metal
    • 5 Linen thread
  • Drynwn
    • N/A
    • Item Spawn Code: SwordIronFire
  • Cheat Sword
    • N/A
    • Item Spawn Code: SwordCheat

Those are some pretty cool swords, but what’s cooler than a sword? That’s right, Atgeirs.


  • Bronze Atgeir
    • 10 Wood, 8 Bronze, 2 Leather scraps
    • Item Spawn Code: AtgeirBronze
  • Iron Atgeir
    • 10 Wood, 30 Iron, 2 Leather scraps
    • Item Spawn Code: AtgeirIron
  • Blackmetal Atgeir
    • 10 Fine wood, 30 Black metal, 5 Linen thread
    • Item Spawn Code: AtgeirBlackmetal

There’s not much cooler than an atgeir….except spears!


  • Flint Spear
    • 5 Wood, 10 Flint, 2 Leather scraps
    • Item Spawn Code: SpearFlint
  • Bronze Spear
    • 5 Wood, 6 Bronze, 2 Deer hide
    • Item Spawn Code: SpearBronze
  • Ancient Bark Spear
    • 4 Troll hide, 10 Iron, 10 Ancient bark
    • Item Spawn Code: SpearElderbark
  • Fang Spear
    • 10 Ancient bark, 4 Wolf fang, 2 Leather scraps, 2 Silver
    • Item Spawn Code: SpearWolfFang
  • Abyssal Harpoon
    • 8 Fine wood, 30 Chitin, 3 Leather scraps
    • Item Spawn Code: SpearChitin

Spears are cool and all, but what about some more precise ranged weapons? Look no further than the bows!


  • Crude Bow
    • 10 Wood, 8 Leather scraps
    • Item Spawn Code: Bow
  • Finewood Bow
    • 10 Find wood, 10 Core wood, 2 Deer hide
    • Item Spawn Code: BowFineWood
  • Huntsman Bow
    • 10 Fine wood, 20 Iron, 10 Feathers, 2 Deer hide
    • Item Spawn Code: BowHuntsman
  • Draugr Fang
    • 10 Ancient bark, 20 Silver, 2 Deer hide, 10 guck
    • Item Spawn Code: BowDraugrFang

Finally, we’re moving right along to the shields and tower shields in Valheim!

Small Shields

  • Wood Shield
    • 10 Wood, 4 Resin, 4 Leather scraps
    • Item Spawn Code: ShieldWood
  • Bronze Buckler
    • 10 Bronze, 4 Wood
    • Item Spawn Code: ShieldBronzeBuckler
  • Banded Shield
    • 10 Fine wood, 8 Iron
    • Item Spawn Code: ShieldBanded
  • Silver Shield
    • 10 Fine wood, 8 Silver
    • Item Spawn Code: ShieldSilver
  • Black Metal Shield
    • 10 Fine wood, 8 Black metal, 5 Chain
    • Item Spawn Code: ShieldBlackmetal
  • Knight Shield
    • N/A
    • Item Spawn Code: ShieldKnight

Tower Shields

  • Wood Tower Shield
    • 10 Wood, 6 Leather scraps
    • Item Spawn Code: ShieldWoodTower
  • Iron Tower Shield
    • 15 Fine wood, 10 Iron
    • Item Spawn Code: ShieldIronTower
  • Black Metal Tower Shield
    • 15 Fine Wood, 10 Black Metal, 7 Chain
    • Item Spawn Code: ShieldBlackmetalTower
  • Serpent Scale Shield
    • 10 Fine wood, 4 Iron, 8 Serpent scale
    • Item Spawn Code: ShieldSerpentscale
  • Iron Shield
    • N/A
    • Item Spawn Code: ShieldIronSquare

There you have it, folks. All of the weapons currently available in Valheim (as of 3/7/21). I’m sure that as time goes on, the game will evolve into an even larger world and that means adding even more weapons to the game, but for now that’s all we’ve got. I’d say it’s quite a hefty amount of weapons available to use, especially for a relatively recent game like Valheim. I can’t wait to see what other weapons Iron Gate Studios brings to the game in the future. Personally, I think the Blackmetal Knife, Blackmetal Sword, Blackmetal Atgeir, the Black Metal Shield, and the Black Metal Tower Shield sound super cool.

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