Why “This is Us” Will Never Recapture Season 1’s Greatness

It’s already comparable: the first episode of season 1 to the first episode of season 2. There were less tears to begin with, and while the shock factor was still there, it was definitely more pronounced in season 1 than in season 2. We might be talking too early, since it we’ve only seen 1 episode of season 2 so far. But there’s a large possibility that This is Us will never recapture the sensibility and emotions and ultimately the magic that we all witnessed. It may just be a TV show, but once in a while, we get lucky enough to encounter a show that resonates through us all. This is Us is one of those special moments, and it might be one that can’t be replicated anymore.

The premiere of the second season was great. It told us more about the characters we’ve grown to love and showed us how to move on from different kinds of hurts and devastating events. We also got clues as to how the family patriarch dies, something that’s been bothering us all since we figured out the fact that Jack, as played by Milo Ventimiglia, is already dead. There are many things to contend with in the show, but that’s probably one of the hardest. While the scenes depicting such clues were placed neatly at the end of the season premiere, we couldn’t help but feel a tad bit underwhelmed by the rest of it. We were shocked, that’s for sure; but the rest of the Pearson family birthday didn’t quite equal that of the revelation in the first season that all the characters were actually family.

There are a few reasons why we believe that we’ll never feel the same way we did with the first season of This is Us. For one, the fact that we already know that Jack is dead is kind of the killer. We have already gotten used to the idea, and maybe that was the reason why we weren’t as shocked to find out how he might’ve died. The way that the show gave us little bits of clues throughout the first season might’ve worked then, but we got better in figuring things out along the way. This is probably why the shock factor is slowly wearing off.

Another reason is the fact that it seems as if we’ve already experienced everything about life in the first season. There was joy. There was pain. There were doubts. There was hope. There was marriage. There was divorce. There were births. And there was also death. There was so much emotion compacted into one season, so much about life that there might not be much left to offer. We’ve already lost a character that we grew to love with the death of Randall’s father’s, William. The only hope we have is left up to the writers of the show. They’ve managed to make us feel things we probably normally wouldn’t, and they’ve also managed to make most of us cry throughout the season. If they can do it again, then kudos. We may suspect otherwise, but it doesn’t mean we’re not watching anymore.

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