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For the small (and we mean very small) group of fans who loved this show, it is a sad day, as it seems that ABC has canceled Defying Gravity without airing all of it’s planned (and filmed) thirteen episodes. While no official announcement has come from ABC yet, the decision was made clear during the September 13 broadcast where ABC announced it as being the Season Finale and didn’t show any previews for the next episode at the end.
The move doesn’t come entirely as a surprise. A few weeks ago Canada’s CTV moved the show from Sunday night to Friday nights. It was obvious from the ratings that ABC would need to make similar adjustments, but their resolution wouldn’t be so easy. The reruns ABC was showing on Friday were already beating what Defying Gravity had been producing and Saturdays weren’t an option due to the return of college football.
Last week ABC removed the series from the schedule listing, prompting many to assume the show had been canceled, but when no word came from ABC, there seemed to be a little bit of hope still. But that has faded after last night’s episode left the crew six days before they arrived at Venus, the first destination of their six year mission to explore the solar system.
Since no official announcement has come from ABC, it’s still unclear what they will put in Gravity’s place on Sunday nights, but they shouldn’t have to fill the spot for long. Brothers & Sisters returns to the timeslot on September 27, and it’s possible that they will either play Brothers & Sisters reruns during the weeks in October when Defying Gravity was set to air their last episodes, or perhaps they’ll even shift the Brothers & Sisters lineup some and give us new episodes during that time.
As for the future of Defying Gravity in Canada, it’s fate is still unknown. But if you live in the U.S., you’re going to have to wait for the DVD set before you learn the real ended to the first season of the show. ABC originally purchased 13 episodes of the series, and at the time all 13 episodes had already been filmed, however its unclear how many episodes would end up on a DVD, or for that matter if a DVD would ever even come out. Keep your fingers crossed!
Source: Aceshowbiz
UPDATED: An ABC Publicist for Defying Gravity has released a statement saying that the show hasn’t been canceled and that the remain 5 episodes will be shown. However, no details on when that will happen have been provided. For the full story, read ‘Defying Gravity’ Not Actually Canceled Yet According to ABC

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