5 Films Featuring The Grateful Dead’s Music That You Need to Watch

5 Films Featuring The Grateful Dead’s Music That You Need to Watch

5 Films Featuring The Grateful Dead’s Music That You Need to Watch

The Grateful Dead has been a significant influence on multiple generations, with their music inspiring millions of people. Their unique sound could either mellow listeners out or provoke alternative ways of thinking. Jerry Garcia, in particular, was idolized by many, often seen as the wisest man alive. Although the group disbanded in 1995 after losing lead vocalist Garcia, they have had a few reunion tours featuring various performers. The Grateful Dead remains a widely-known and respected band that has helped shape American pop culture throughout the years.

Here are five films that featured The Grateful Dead’s music in their soundtracks. If the songs aren’t heard in the clips, it’s likely that they were simply hard to find.

5. Foxcatcher – St. Stephen

Foxcatcher is a movie that delves deep into the world of wrestling obsession. Mark and his brother Dave are both gold-medal wrestlers, but Mark has always felt overshadowed by his older sibling. When E.I. du Pont attempts to recruit them both but only gets Mark at first, the story takes a dark turn. Eventually, Dave joins as well, but by this point, Mark has been pushed to the breaking point and begins to break down from the strain and pressure that du Pont has placed on him.

4. Blue Crush 2 – Truckin

In Blue Crush 2, a young woman travels to South Africa to surf on the same beaches her mother did years ago, fulfilling her mother’s dream. Along the way, she learns to get along with the locals and understand the etiquette of riding the waves. Eventually, she begins to comprehend the true essence of surfing.

3. Salvation Boulevard – Franklin’s Tower

Salvation Boulevard is a film that explores the complexities of faith. It can turn murderers into saints and spectators into sinners, depending on who is more convincing. Pierce Brosnan delivers an excellent performance as the antagonist in this strange but compelling film, as he seeks to overturn the life of an average man in an attempt to get away with the murder of a fellow writer.

2. The Dreamers – Dark Star

The Dreamers tells the story of Theo and Isabelle, who are as free with their sexuality as can be. When American exchange student Matthew meets the twins, he is instantly enamored by their refreshing take on the world. However, as he becomes deeply involved with them, he finds himself losing his sense of self. When they decide to join a violent riot in progress near the end of the movie, Matthew cannot bring himself to participate, and they spurn him for it on the spot.

1. Masked and Anonymous – It’s All Over Now

Masked and Anonymous is a politically-driven film that suggests that sometimes, in order to sort out the mess of life, it takes some effort to stop trying and let things lie as they will for a bit. This message seems particularly relevant given the current political landscape of the country.

The Grateful Dead is featured in all of these films. If you can hear them in the clips, then you’ll know.

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