The Top Five Zoo Scenes in Movie History

The Top Five Zoo Scenes in Movie History

The Top Five Zoo Scenes in Movie History

Everyone loves a good trip to the zoo. It’s relaxing, most of the time, fun, and most of all it can serve a purpose beyond taking a walk as you look at the amazing animals that are on display. Despite the inherent idea that zoo’s are prisons for natures many wonders, they are also a form of protection for those animals that could not possibly survive in the wild. In a movie setting they are also something more. They serve as a venue in which characters can talk to one another and move the story line along with a pleasing background that draws the attention and eases the audience’s mind.

If nothing else, a good zoo scene can be entertaining and heighten the scene that it appears in.

5. The Graduate

From one screwed up situation to another Benjamin seems to fumble his way through problems that most people would gladly shy away from. At some point you would think the guy would decide to simply stay away and simplify his life, but then love does really strange things to people. He comes to the point where he can’t imagine being without Elaine but he also knows that trying to be with her is only going to get him into more trouble.

4. We Bought A Zoo

Quitting your job and moving on is a big step in life. But buying a zoo is something on the scale of phenomenal and even foolhardy, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing. But really, as Benjaming would say “Why not?” There’s no reason to give up on a dream just because it gets hard, and no reason at all to let people go when they pass out of your life. The thing about life is that it continues forward no matter what happens. You just need to take that one insane leap to bridge the moments that define who you are.

3. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

How do you get back at a cousin that shoves you, hits you, and basically makes you regret ever waking up in the morning? Well, dumping him in a snake habitat might not be the first item on a lot of peoples’ list, but it was what was available to Harry at the time. Plus he got a fairly good kick out of it, at least until Uncle Vernon caught him smiling about the unknown trick. Still, it was  treat to see Dudley get a little bit of his own medicine.

2. The Omen

If your kid is left alone by other kids and seems to frighten away wild animals while provoking others to attack without so much as batting an eye, you might have a problem. Gorillas in the zoo are usually playful, as are the rest of the apes and monkeys, but rarely do they ever get so worked up that they’d attack the glass or even bare their teeth at anyone. The worst part is that Damien seems to know he has this effect on the animals, and isn’t terrified until he realizes they will fight back.

1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

You’re not likely to find any of Newt Scamander’s impressive collection of animals anywhere in a Muggle zoo, but maybe that’s a good thing. Regular animals have their own issues and dilemmas to deal with on a regular basis. Those that come out of Newt’s little pocket dimension seem far more capable of mischief and mayhem than even the most irascible creature in the Muggle world. So let’s make sure that latch is good and tight on the briefcase, yeah?

Zoos are a wonder to visit and a safe haven for many of the animals within their confines. A good many animals are now bred and raised in the zoos they call home, insuring their safety and an opportunity to grow and flourish.


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