The Top Five Movies You’ll Be Able to See in December

The Top Five Movies You’ll Be Able to See in December

The summer movies were a little disappointing but ended on a high note while the fall movies turned in a good performance, but now the December movies get to finish out the year with a bang. There are a host of great movies coming out that viewers should be excited to see, even if a few of them are bound to be heavily criticized for a large number of reasons. One thing I’ve learned as a writer, a moviegoer, and a person in general is that you can’t let critics determine what you find entertaining. They’re bound to ruin it for a lot of people in some way and steer them away from movies that might be far more enjoyable than they would allow a person to believe. Too often the job of the average critic is much too easy since all they have to do is find what’s wrong without giving any details as to why the film should still be worth watching. This December be adventurous and go out to the movies once or twice while ignoring the critics.

You might just find that some of the movies they downplay are worth the effort.

5. Phantom Thread

The final performance of Daniel Day-Lewis is going to be something to see no doubt since he tends to put everything he has into a character and brings a style to each film that is all his own. The Phantom Thread is about a famous designer that leads a fairly simple and predictable life until he meets a young woman that will eventually turn that life on its ear through very little effort.

4. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

You might be thinking that there’s no way that the original Jumanji could ever be topped thanks to the performance by Robin Williams, and you’d be right. But this version is at least worth a look since it’s updated, it’s different, and this time it actually takes you inside the world of the game instead of having the game come to you. It could be worth it just for the laughs.

3. I, Tonya

If nothing else the transformation of Margot Robbie into an approximation of Tonya Harding should be worth the look. This highly controversial story is one of the only reasons why Harding has been relevant for so long since her fame hasn’t really had much to do with her acting or modeling abilities. To be honest it might be entertaining just because it’s something we’ve all heard of once or twice.

2. The Shape of Water

Rumor has it that Guillermo Del Toro will be taking a well-deserved sabbatical after this movie so it might be the last time that we get to see his genius on the big screen for a while. It’s hard to know if this particular movie has anything to do with the upcoming Hellboy reboot or if it’s just a standalone movie that he figured would get people’s attention. Honestly it just looks interesting enough to watch.

1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The second movie in the newest trilogy is already shaping up to be awesome as we can see how many things are being set into motion. There’s no telling just what’s going to happen with Rey, Luke, Kylo, Finn, or anyone that’s involved in the ongoing war, but one thing is certain, the time of the Jedi could be coming to a very climactic close.

Buy a few movie tickets and enjoy, it should be a good month for the cinema.

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