The Top Five Marty Funkhouser Moments on Curb Your Enthusiasm

Bob Einstein plays Marty Funkhouser, one of Larry David’s oldest friends on the HBO comedy “Curb Your Enthusiasm” which is set to premier Season 9. Einstein first appeared as his recurring character on the show in Season 4. Bob Einstein is a seasoned comedian who got his start writing for “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour”. His brother is actor comedian Albert Brooks. Einstein brings his humor to the role of Marty Funkhouser on the improvised “Curb Your Enthusiasm” which follows television writer and producer David and his friends. Marty is very much a family man and Larry often becomes involved in his friend’s family troubles.

Here are the top 5 Marty Funkhouser moments on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

Marty is an orphan

One of Marty’s most classic scenes with Larry on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is when he runs into Larry while jogging following his mother’s death. Marty is dealing with the grief of his mother’s death after being hit by a car while driving her wheelchair. Marty tells Larry that he is jogging to help his grief because he has lost both of his parents and is now an orphan. Larry argues with Marty that he too old to be an orphan. Larry, who is enjoying an ice cream cone, then goes into a monologue about how he hates when ice cream drips down the cone.

The Flower Scene

When Marty owes Larry $50 from a golf bet, Larry takes matters into his own hands. He takes lilies from Marty’s roadside memorial to his mother and gives them to his wife Cheryl. Marty stops by Larry and Cheryl’s home and tells them how unbelievable he it is that someone took flowers from the memorial site. The scene is hysterical as Marty has no idea Larry is the one who took the flowers.

Marty tells Jerry Seinfeld a joke

When Marty shows up to a rehearsal of a “Seinfeld” reunion special, Larry is less than pleased. Larry is further upset when Marty tells a joke to Jerry Seinfeld. This is one of Marty Funkhouser’s funniest moments as the joke is nothing you would expect to come out of Marty’s mouth. The incredibly offensive joke is classic Bob Einstein.

Marty gets a divorce

When Marty gets a divorce he excitedly tells his friends Larry, Jeff and Leon his good news. When Larry first suggested Marty get a divorce, his response was that he was “too lazy”. Marty’s excitement is echoed by his friends during one of the best improvisational scenes of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. Eisenberg’s lines and reactions are great. In the end, the only one clearly unhappy is Jeff. That’s because all of friends are now single but he isn’t.

The Yamaka

Larry has found the perfect chicken restaurant, Ali-Babba’s. He loves it not for the food but because he can take his date there without any of his Jewish friends knowing because the owner is an anti-Zionist. When Larry invites his friends Jeff and Marty to the restaurant, Marty shows up wearing his yamaka. Marty has fully embraced his religion. He’s not at all concerned that he’s about to enter an anti-Zionist restaurant. The improvisational scene is one of Bob Eisenberg’s best moments as Marty Funkhouser.

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