The Top Five Allison Mack Scenes from Smallville

Do you remember who Allison Mack is? She hasn’t really been all that present in the limelight lately, but she has managed to get her name in the news for something that she undoubtedly wishes weren’t true. Recently, the Smallville actress was arrested, charged with sex trafficking and slavery. Those are some heavy charges, to say the least. While it hasn’t yet been proven whether or not she’s guilty or innocent, it does have a lot of people thinking back to her role as she starred on the TV series Smallville. Therefore, you can find the top five moments for Allison Mack while she was starring on the show by reading below.

1. The car and the bridge

This is an intense scene, to say the least. In it, the car driven by Mack runs off the road and almost goes completely over the side of a bridge. Eventually, the car is pulled back by a young superhero, only to find that Allison’s character is still in trouble, presumably because she hit her head on the windshield during the initial impact. To reveal any more information would simply be unfair, especially for those who haven’t watched this episode. However, you can see the scene for yourself by clicking on the YouTube link above the section.

2. The nerve pinch

One thing is certain, her character seems to find itself in trouble much of the time. In this scene, she’s having a rather interesting discussion with another person, only to have that individual reach up and knock her out by pinching a nerve. Now, she’s at the mercy of other individuals and once again has to wait to be rescued. Click on the link if you want to see it.

3. The injection

You just have to love this one. At first, you think that she’s having a discussion with a paramedic so you think she’s safe, especially if you don’t know the history of the show. Before you know it, she’s distracted by someone else walking down a flight of stairs and when she turns around, her whole world spins out of control as the so-called paramedic makes the decision to inject her with some type of drug, right into her jugular vein. Obviously, there must be some personal angst going on here. And, once again, she has found herself in trouble and in need of rescuing.

4. Brainiac

Mack plays the character Chloe in the series and one of the more interesting plot lines that was never fully developed involved her having enormously impressive powers. In one scene, she has an encounter with Brainiac and everyone becomes completely terrified of the power that she could potentially develop. This scene really sets the stage for all of that. It’s a real shame that the entire plot that was developed here was never further explored for additional scenes.

5. Chloe and the Crystal

In this scene, it’s finally Chloe’s turn to save the day. In order to do it, she has to hack the crystal and figure out what she should do next in order to save Clark and the others. Of course, she does exactly that and everything works out just fine, but there are plenty of tense moments along the way. In all honesty, it’s about time that Chloe finally had the opportunity to redeem herself and become the rescuer instead of someone being rescued.

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