Tom Hardy Reads Another Bedtime Story and It Keeps Getting Better

Tom Hardy is far and away one of the most masculine actors out there.  The roles he plays are gruff, tough, emotional, and action packed.   Every time he utters a line it’s filled with bravado and the kind of emotion that make you want to get up and run 100 miles at the gym.  So to step back and picture this guy in a Mr. Rogers sweater surrounded by stuffed animals looking into the camera in this “oh so sweet” kind of way is a site to see.  It’s also quite awesome.

Whoever came up with the concept of Tom Hardy reading bedtime stories is an absolute genius.  First he read one for New Year’s Eve 2016, then he read one for Valentine’s Day, and now he’s gone and completed his hat-trick with a Mother’s Day tale about a stuffed bear and a stuffed mouse.  The story Tom’s reading in the clip you are about to see is Ross Collins’ “There’s a Bear on My Chair”.

I’m pretty sure that after seeing this you’ll want to hire Tom Hardy for your kid’s next birthday party.  I’d want him to read stories to my kids but wearing his attire from his FX show Taboo.  Check out the trailer for his bedtime story reading below:

You can see the full story on BBC.

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