Why It’s Time for a Dragon Tales Reboot

Why It’s Time for a Dragon Tales Reboot

The goal of many cartoons in this day and age is to entertain and educate the children that watch them, which is what Dragon Tales did from 1999 to 2005. While it can be argued that some cartoons go above and beyond when it comes to educating children, others seem to miss the mark entirely or go a little too in depth for their age bracket. Dragon Tales however was one of those shows that managed to incorporate fun tale of fantasy along with a lot of life lessons that were valuable to children in many different ways. The whole premise centered around two children that possessed a magical dragon scale that would allow them entrance to another world where they befriended several dragons and would help them with whatever they needed as they sought to learn and discover new things. It incorporated lesson that could be learned in the classroom as well as lesson that were important in social settings as well, and became one of the popular shows on PBS that children would actively ask to watch.

Why it was taken off was pretty simple, it had run its course. Perhaps however it might be time to bring it back.

The show would need to be updated of course.

There hasn’t been a whole lot of time that’s passed since the show was taken off the air, at least not enough that things have changed so drastically. But it would still seem that the show could be updated to reflect the current times and to show that children have changed just a bit in that amount of time. Perhaps the main characters could be brought back in various ways. The dragons could be kept no doubt, but the kids could perhaps be aged to reflect the amount of time that has passed. This could lead to a number of different story arcs that might explain just what happened in their childhood and how it reflects upon them now. It might be the kind of story showing how the kids forgot about the dragons and upon rediscovering the scale were reminded of the great times they had and that it was all real. Something that seems like it might be a good idea.

The challenges and quests could still be geared for young children.

Despite being updated nothing would need to change so drastically that it would be a completely different show. The lessons that were incorporated into the program could still be applied, but some might need to be tweaked or changed just enough to show the sign of the times and how things have changed no matter how little. There’s nothing that really needs to be changed about the fundamentals however since the show was already geared to teach kid show to act and behave in society and how their actions had consequences and so on and so forth. This aspect of the show was great and doesn’t need to be further explained. Kids are still very much into shows that challenge their intellect and force them to think in new and exciting ways, so bringing this back could be seen as another challenge that might be enough to get their young minds stimulated.

Expanding the story might be a good idea.

There’s always got to be room for expansion of some sort or a story starts to suffer. What could be done for this story is hard to say at first but it’s always possible to take it in a new direction and show the kids something different. So long as the new direction doesn’t stretch moral boundaries or bring in new content that could possibly upset or confuse anyone it would be great to see since a story has to grow or it will stagnate. In this manner it would be highly beneficial to find some way to get the kids’ attention and keep it once again as despite the cool factor that dragons have this show might not quite hold the attention of the average kid any longer. It would need to be revamped and redone in some way it seems to really get kids’ attention in a way that would entice them to ask to watch the show again and again. The point of course is to get them excited about learning and this show was designed to do just that. There’s no need for shock factor or anything else, but keeping it engaging and exciting is in fact a great idea for any educational show.

It might be more of a desire to see if it could happen but the probability of bringing back Dragon Tales doesn’t seem particularly high at this moment unless someone in a higher place has been mulling it over for a while. There’s a lot of educational programming already on TV, but we could always use on more show.

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